What Goes Around Comes Around Summary-Karma Hit Back

What Goes Around Comes Around? A Story Of Karma

It’s a short story in literature that has delighted many readers. The story has a wonderful theme of kindness and goodness. If one does the good, the same gonna happen to him. Here is the “What Goes Around Comes Around Summary”.


This article gonna discuss:

  • Summary
  • Themes
  • Moral Lessons
  • Conclusion

What Goes Around Comes Around Summary

The story starts when a man named “Bryan Anderson”  sees a lady who is standing on a road. She looked like she needed help. She had her Mercedes standing nearby. The man in the story moves near her. He found sadness in women’s gestures. The man asked may he could help her. The man worked on a flat tire of a car and strengthened the nuts. During work, the woman told him that she was from St.Louis and she never thought anyone gonna assist her. The man finally repaired the technical fault in the car. She asked the man how much he gonna take. He neglected taking money and said to do the same thing to anyone you saw in need. The woman agreed and moved on.

What did the Women do?

In this way, the women felt the hunger. She stopped near a cafe. She ordered some food. The waitress was very kind to her. She seemed to be pregnant. The woman was surprised as pregnancy didn’t change her. She was working hard for her baby. The woman paid a 100-dollar bill and left without saying anything but left a message below the napkin. When the waitress came back, she wrote that do the same favor to anyone in need and let this cycle continue. She further found more than four hundred dollars below the napkin. This made the waitress happy.


That day, the waitress reached home and told her husband “Bryan Anderson“everything was gonna be all right. Here the story ends with the message that karma hit back. The story is a prime example of humanity. I hope you enjoyed reading our review of this plot.


Some of the themes from this fascinating writing:


If we do good, the same will be for us. The man helped women in need and the cycle reached him back.


Karma is all that bounces back. The man unexpectedly got the reward.


As a reader, we should implement the lesson from this story. Remember, nothing is above humanity.

Spread Love

All the characters repeat the message from their experiences. The man helped the woman. She helped a waitress that turned out to be the man’s wife. That’s how the cycle continued. They all spread love and that’s the most important and interesting theme from this short story.

Moral Lessons

Here are major lessons from the story in a collective way:

  • Try to help others
  • Remember karma strikes bad always
  • Never stop doing good things
  • Give priority to humanity always in life
  • Forget disdain(hate) and spread love

Conclusion: What Goes Around Comes Around Summary

In a nutshell, it was a story of a man who helped an unknown lady on the side and told her to do the same thing. The lady helped a woman and she never knew about her. The story ends on an amazing note that teaches readers the worth of living for others.

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What Goes Around Comes Around short story summary?

The main depth of knowledge and point of view of this story is one should always try to assist others. We can help someone in an office, school, hospital, or restaurant matter what, always give a needy hand to others. The story also sends the same message.

What is the moral of the story what goes around comes around?

The moral of this story “What goes around comes around”is “karma hit back”.When we help or support anyone, the same will happen to us. On the other hand, if we do wrong to someone, we’ll meet the same fate and gonna end up badly.

Who’s the protagonist in the story what goes around comes around?

The main character is the man “Bryan Anderson” who helped the lady. He repaired her car.


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