Tiger in The Tunnel Summary -Story of Bravery

Tigger in The Tunnel By Ruskin Bond

It’s a tale of bravery and courage that has a central character “Tembu” who was inspired by his father’s bravery. If you’re looking for some fascinating stories, here’s this one for you.


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Who is the author of Tiger in the Tunnel? Ruskin Bond is a highly recommended story writer for kids. The most common themes are nature, humanity, and nostalgia in his work. Some of Ruskin’s Bond best works are:


Who are the main characters in the story Tiger in the Tunnel by Ruskin Bond? The story has two main prominent characters:


He’s a 12-year-old boy who lives with her father in a hat near a railway tunnel. He seems to be a brave guy like his father.


He’s Tembu’s father and a hardworking man. He always prefers his family.

Tiger in The Tunnel Summary

Ruskin Bond started this story in a very simple and aesthetic way. The story revolves around a man named “Baldeo” who has a family consisting of a son(Tembu), a daughter, and a wife. By occupation, he owns land for cultivating food but can’t get enough revenue. So,  to end the hunger of his family, he started a job at a railway tunnel. The job was to just check and make sure that the Tunnel was okay before the train arrived.

Villagers And The Tiger

Villagers had some speculations regarding the tunnel. They believed a man-eating tiger lived inside the tunnel and he killed humans. Overall, Baldeo joined this job inspired by so many hardships.

Baldeo Went To Tunnel 

One day, Baldeo moved out of the hat to check the tunnel. He had Tembu with him. He wanted to join his father but he rejected and went on checking the tunnel. The only thing he had was a lantern and an axe.

Baldeo Death

As he reached in tunnel, the light lost brightness. Slowly, Baldeo heard a voice and soon met a tiger. The tiger attacked him. Baldeo was now in injuries but he attacked the lion with his axe. The lion in return killed him. After some time, the train arrived.

The Death Of Tiger

The train driver was astonished when he saw a part of tiger skin in front of the train. It shows the tiger was hit by a train. This news fell as a sigh for villagers.

What happened to Tembu?

After some weeks, Tembu was assigned the same job as his father. He was proud of his father’s sacrifice.

Analysis: Tiger in Tunnel By Ruskin Bond

The story has a great and valuable lesson for readers. It emphasizes the importance of duty or responsibility. Baldeo although knew the fear of the tiger preferred his duty over fear. He never let his fear to rule on him. This is a great lesson for kids and teens.

Further, Tembu character is also inspirational. He was just a teenager but joined the same occupation. He was deeply connected to his father.

Tiger in the Tunnel Themes

What are the main themes in Tiger in the Tunnel by Ruskin Bond? The story explores themes of responsibility and bravery. Baldeo was a responsible man who laid his life for duty. Further, he never feared death and that’s what inspired his son also.

Conclusion: Tiger in the Tunnel Summary

In a nutshell, “Tiger in Tunnel” was all about a man who was killed by a tiger but never feared him. He preferred death to completing his duty. This story review is helpful for kids as they can learn the worth of being responsible.

  • For the tiger in the tunnel question and answers:


What is the moral of the story The Tiger in the Tunnel?

The main lesson of the story is working hard and never being afraid of hardships. Further, never move back from sacrificing your life for your responsibility.

What happened to the tiger in the story “Tiger in Tunnel”?

He was half-injured by Baldeo. The tiger tried to run away from the tunnel but was stuck and got a hit by train.

Who is Baldeo in the story “Tiger in Tunnel”?

He’s Tembu father. He lost his life on his duty. He was killed by a tiger in the tunnel.

What do villagers say about the tiger?

Villagers were afraid of the tiger. They passed many comments regarding the tiger that it will kill anyone who go to the tunnel.


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