Story Tiger in The House Summary And Analysis For Class 7

The story is all about the bond of humans with animals. The main character of the story adopted a tiger and raised him. The author ended the story with a funny and unexpected style. In this article, we will share a summary of tiger in the house.


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‘The Tiger in the House’‘ is an amazing short story by Ruskin Bond. He has Indian roots and earned a huge name among readers. The common things in Ruskin’s work are nature, friendship, and family. We have a playlist of Ruskin Bond stories with summaries and depth analysis. Some of them are:


What are the characters in the Tiger House? The story has three characters:

Grandfather: He adopted the tiger named ”Timothy”

Timothy: He was a little tiger that became part of narrator’s family

Grandmother: She named the tiger after Timothy

Mahmoud: He was narrator’s and family cook.

The Tiger in The House Summary

The story starts when the narrator discusses a past event. He says that his grandfather saw a little tiger in the Dehra jungle and soon decided to adopt him. He brought the tiger to the house. Grandmother named the tiger as Timothy. There was a monkey named Totu and a puppy in the house. They both irritated the tiger in the start but soon all animals developed a healthy bond.

The narrator shared about Timothy food. In the start, Grandfather and Mahmoud provide milk for tigers but we all know tigers are carnivores and they need meat for survival. The family then provided Timothy with pigeons and rabbits. As Timothy grew up and he was six months old, he had lost interest in family members. He had developed strange behavior and this thing put everyone in fear. Mahmoud also feared Timothy was his roommate.

Grandfather thought about this issue as serious and donated a tiger to a zoo in Lucknow. Timothy was now in his new place. Many people came to see him at the zoo.

After some days, Grandfather came to the city. He thought it was better to visit Timothy before going back to the house. He loved and played with Timothi via cage holes. The guards advised grandfather to stay away as it’s a lethal animal but he refused and said that he donated timothy to the zoo. Further, he elaborated he knew timothy better than anyone else.

As he was adoring Timothi, he saw there was another animal in a cage who was irritating Timothi. He decided to talk with the zoo manager to arrange a new cage for Timothi but found out that the manager left early. Then, a man recognized his grandfather and told him not to play with this wild tiger. He told grandfather that your Timothi left this world two months ago because of pneumonia. The tiger in his place is a wild one. When grandfather heard the reality, he drew his hands back and left the zoo.

The Tiger in the House Analysis

The main moral lesson of this story is faith dominates over fear, Although, Timothi was dead the faith and love of their grandfather changed behavior of the new tiger. Grandfather felt fear at the end but his belief helped him. Further, this story promotes ideas of animal care. The family in the story helped the tiger in the bad days but soon they received a reward.

The best thing about the story is donating tigers to the zoo because sometimes they can be dangerous. Further, if someone can’t fulfill their meat, this can make them angry or they’ll die from hunger.


The main themes of the tiger in the house are faith and reward. Grandfather had initial faith that the wild one was his Trimothy. He adored the tiger and received the same behavior from the tiger. One must read this story to his kids to develop love in them towards animals.

Conclusion: The Tiger in the House Summary

In a nutshell, this was all about a summary and analysis of the story ‘The Tiger in House ‘for class 7 by Ruskin Bond. The story explores themes of faith, animal care, and humbleness. The character of the grandfather is inspirational for kids and those who have a love for animals.

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What happens in The Tiger in the House by Ruskin Bond?

Grandfather raised a tiger but then donated it to zoo. After some months, he visited the zoo and adored the tiger considering it the one he once donated. The story ends when grandfather goes into shock as he hears about the death of his tiger.

Where was the tiger hiding in the story the tiger in the house?

Grandfather found a tiger in the Terai jungle near Dehra. The tiger was trying to hide among the roots of the Bunyan tree.

What zoo keeper told grandfather about Timothi?

The zoo keeper informed their grandfather that his(grandfather’s)tiger had departed the world because of a disease named pneumonia. This news devasted and feared grandfather.

Who named Timothy?

Grandmother named tiger as Timothi when grandfather brings him to the house.

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