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Guy Da Maupassant was a top-level story writer from the 19th century. Many readers called him the “father of modern story writing. Some of Maupassant’s stories are:

The Umbrella Characters

The Umbrella by Guy Da Maupassant has two main characters:


She’s the main protagonist. She seems a middle-aged woman who looks thrifty. The word thrifty means she’s a miser or one who never spends money.


He was Mrs. Oreille’s husband. He wanted an umbrella made of silk but found resistance from his wife’s end.

Setting of Story

The story sets in:

  • Oreille house
  • The office of Mr.Oreille
  • The insurance company office

The Umbrella Summary by Guy Da Maupassant

The story is set when Mr.Oreille tells her wife that he needs a new umbrella for the office and everyone laughs at him.Mrs.Oreille was a miser women.She ignored Mr. Oreille’s appeal to buy a new umbrella. When Mr.Oreille said to her that he’d leave the office,  she bought an Umbrella for him. The Umbrella cost her 18 francs. The next day Mr.Oreille rushed to the office and told everyone about his new umbrella.

In the evening, he came back.Mrs.Oreille checked the umbrella and found a hole in it. She got angry at her husband. The next day, another hole appeared on the umbrella. Mr.Oreille said he’ll not be responsible for all this stuff. He even asked her for another umbrella made up of silk.

She rejected the offer. A family friend witnessed the argument and said that they needed to visit fire insurance. Mr.Oreille rejected it as he didn’t want to go for such small things while Mrs.Oreille went to the insurance office. The man said to her that they work for big losses not for the ones like umbrellas.

In the end, the man was tired of Mrs.Oreille and said they’d pay the repair charges for the umbrella. The woman went to the shop and said to the to owner repair this umbrella and coat it with silk. She said don’t worry about money or charges.


The Umbrella Analysis

If you observe the depth of the story, you’ll find that Mrs.Oreille is a cunning and thrifty woman. She hated spending money on unnecessary things. This can be a great lesson for readers. Further, you’ll notice Mr.Oreille feared his wife as she seems a strict woman with harsh rules.

  • As a reader, you’ll love some of the funny aspects of the story. For example, you’ll love the entrance of Mrs.Oreille at the insurance office.


What is the theme of the story The Umbrella by Guy de Maupassant? The main theme in the story is thrift and misery. It is related to the nature of Mrs.Oreille.She never wanted to spend money. It’s a good trait as thrift highlights the one who spends money wisely. On the other hand, according to some readers, she was more than thrifty. She even hated spending money on her husband.


  • It was an amazing short story.
  • Simple to read.
  • Promote great lessons.

Moral Lessons For You

  1. Try to invest in your life.
  2. If you need things, invest your money.
  3. Greed is worse.

Conclusion: The Umbrella by Guy Da Maupassant

In the blog, we discussed” The Umbrella” summary by Guy Da Maupassant. The story overall shares the misery of Mrs.Orrille.A theme of fear, misery, and innocence is present in the story.

  • If you’re looking for “The Umbrella by Guy Da Maupassant” questions and answers, here are given below:


What kind of woman is Mrs.Oreille?

She seems a money-loving woman. She hates spending money on things. Further, you’ll get to know that she’s strict or a tyrant with her husband when he demands a silk umbrella.

Did Mr.Oreille get a new umbrella?

No, Mrs. Oreille visited the office of the insurance company to pay money for umbrella repair.

What is the conflict of Guy Da Maupassant’s “The Umbrella”?

Mr.Oreille wanted a new umbrella made up of silk as everyone make fun of him at the office but Mrs.Oreille was a miser and an economical woman. She hated spending money and that was the cause of the conflict between a couple in the story.

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