Ruskin Bond The Thief Story Summary

The Thief Story By Ruskin Bond-A Tale Of Changing Attitude

The Thief Story” is an inspirational short story for children. Have you seen people who left the world of crime? Probably, only a few get rid of such filths. This story will introduce readers to the worth of values and relationships. This blog is going to discuss the thief story summary for class 10 in depth.


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Their story is an elegant work by the Indian renowned author “Ruskin Bond”.He had a simple writing style with amazing twists in the stories. This story by Ruskin Bond teaches you honesty and truthfulness. Some of Ruskin’s short stories are:

The Thief Story Characters

What are the characters in the Thief Story by Ruskin Bond? The story has two main characters:


Who’s Anil in the story? He’s a writer having age nearly 25 years old. He seems an educated man who had his own house. Further, he likes to invest money in his circle of influence.

Hari Singh

What is the character sketch of Hari? He’s the boy who narrates the story. It’s not his real name but an adopted one as he’s a thief.

The Thief Story Summary

The story starts when a man named “Anil”  is watching some sort of wrestling and meets a 15-year-old boy. The boy introduced himself as Hari Singh. In reality, he was a thief who was running away from the police. He was very skillful and knew the art of making connections. He captivated Anil’s heart. Anil, who was a writer promised he would teach him math, cooking, and many other skills. The boy agreed and came to Anil’s house.

Whenever Anil left the house, he owned the house. He had every hold over the house. One day, Anil was very happy and told him that he had sold his book. He had plenty of 50 rupees notes. He hid them under his mattress. Although Hari hadn’t decided to rob in the past days the money placed a veil on his eyes. He was blinded by greed. So, he made a plan. He took the money and rushed to the railway station to get the train to Lucknow. Unfortunately, he missed the train.

The boy was waiting and the rain soon started. His clothes as well as the money he had stolen were wet. He then got a positive thinking. He said that whatever Anil was teaching him had more value than this money. Further, he recognized the worth of education. He changed his heart and came back to Anil’s house. He learned that it’s difficult to betray loved ones.

The next day, Anil prepared breakfast for the boy and handed him 50 rupees that were wet. Anil knew his crime but he was amazed as the boy learned that robbery is a curse and changed his character. That’s how the story ends on an elegant note.

Analysis of The Thief Story

The character of Anil seems a man who loves to spend money on his besties. Further, he seems a man who has a nice heart as he trusts anyone he meets. That’s how the boy met him. The character of Hari is also inspirational for kids. He had spent his life in the dark and then he learned the value of human trust and education.

The Thief Story Themes

What are the themes in the Thief story by Ruskin Bond? This story explores the following mentioned themes:

Human Values

Hari learned a lesson at the end it’s wrong to hurt loved ones. He had committed many robberies but this time he wasn’t successful because he was betraying the ones who trusted him. He learned that human Values are superior.


Anil was teaching Hari many things. That was the thing that persuaded Hari to change his mind. He understood that education could give him more respect and money(if skills were present)than the money he tried to steal.

Changing Mind

The moment Hari changes his mind was fascinating to read. The author described this part of the story with some unique lessons for readers.

Conclusion: The Thief Story Summary By Ruskin Bond

In a nutshell, the thief story by Ruskin Bond tells the event when a boy tried to betray his kind owner but changed his mind at the end. This short story motivates readers to follow good habits and indulge in healthy activities. Overall, this was all about their story summary, analysis, characters, and themes for 10th-grade students.

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  • Here are the thief story extra questions & answers below:


How did Hari meet Anil?

Anil was watching wrestling. At that moment, Hari appeared and introduced himself to Anil.

Why it was difficult for Hari to rob Anil?

Anil trusted Hari too much and Hari believed this was a hindrance in his task. He said it’s tiresome to rob those who have faith in you.

Who narrates the story “The Thief Story” by Ruskin Bond?

Hari Singh, a 15-year-old boy narrates the story of his encounter with Anil.

Why did Anil forgive Hari?

Anil forgives Hari at the end of the story because he recognizes his fault and learns that education has more value than crime.

Why does Hari always change his name?

Hari once was a thief. He always changed his name to get free from the police.

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