Ruskin Bond The Room On The Roof Summary

The Room On The Roof By Ruskin Bond

The story depicts the life of 17-year-old boy “Rusty”.He was an orphan who lived with British guardians. This story introduces you to the struggles of orphans in society.
About Author
“The Room on the Roof” is a short story by Ruskin Bond. He’s an Indian author who had remarkable work in short stories. Some people related this story to Ruskin Bond’s autobiography. Here are Ruskin Bond’s best stories:

About Book
You’ll love the struggle of rusty in the story. He even fell in love with a girl. The story explores themes of pessimism, love, struggle, and brutality.

The Room On The Roof Characters

The story had the following characters:

He’s the main character of the story. He had no parents and lived with his guardians.
He was a rusty guardian. He seems a strict man. Further, he hated Indians and their culture.
He was a rusty friend who helped him after he was kicked out by Mr.Harrison.
He introduced Rusty to the Holi culture.
She was the girl whom Rusty loved. She was married to Mr.Kapoor.
He was a rusty student and my son.

The Room on the Roof Summary

The story starts with an orphan 17-year-old boy “Rusty” who lives with his guardians “Mr. and Mrs. Harrison“.They wanted him to be like Britishers and hate Indian culture. They considered Indians filthy and wanted Rusty to stay away from them.
Rusty Met Somi
It was raining a day, Rusty met a boy “Somi” who helped him and offered him a cycle ride. He was now Rusty new friend.
The story goes ahead and Holi comes. Ranbir, another friend played Holi colours with Rusty. Mr.Harrison was unable to recognize Rusty and got angry with him. Rusty opposed him and got kicked out of the house.
Rusty Struggle
Now,  Rusty was homeless. He moved with “Somi“.Rusty learned the harsh face of the world. Some tried his best to get a job for Rusty as he had a firm hold over English.
Tutor Job
Rusty finds a job at Mr. Kapoor’s house. He had a wife Meena. They both had a son “Kishan”.Rustin was now assigned as Kishan’s teacher. The Kapoors even gave him a room to stay.
Rusty in Love
Slowly,  Rusty fell in love with Kishan’s mom “Meena”.She was young, beautiful, and smaller in age than Mr.Kapoor.
Meena Death
One day, Kapoor departed for Delhi. After some days, Rusty learned about Meena’s death. He was hurt. He came to know that Kishan had moved with his aunt.
Meeting Kishan
The story ends when Rusty has to visit England. He met Kishan before his departure. He learned that Kishan is involved in criminal activities like robbery. He advised him to stay away from such filth. The story ends when Rusty and Kishan both move together.

Room On  The  Roof Analysis And Themes

What is the main theme of The Room on the Roof? It tells the impact of society on youth minds.Society treated Kishan badly after his mother’s death. Further, the common theme of the story is “youth rebellion”.
Kishan was hurt as his father married other women. This incident led him to become a thief. As a reader, we need to pay attention to such kids.

The Room On The Roof Moral Lessons

  • Give your attention to orphans
  • Support kids, if you’re a guardian
  • Solve their issues

Conclusion: The Room On The Roof Summary

Overall, it was a great story by Ruskin Bond that even helped him win a prize in 1957. This story explores themes of orphan’s struggle. Readers can understand the seriousness of issues that led kids to bad activities.


What type of story is The Room on the Roof?

“The Room on the Roof “highlights the life of a boy “Rusty” who lived with his guardians. They were cruel people who made him escape the house. The main lesson of the story is to give attention and support to such kids.

Where Rusty live with his guardians?

Rusty lived with his guardians(Mr. Harrison) in an area “Dehra”(it’s a place in Uttarakhand).

What happened to Kishan’s mother “Meena” in the room on the roof?

She died in a car accident. This news hurt Rusty as he loved her.

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