Story The Night Train At Deoli Summary and Analysis

Have you ever felt an immediate connection with someone upon first meeting? If so, this story may resonate with you. “The Night Train at Deoli” by Ruskin Bond is a masterpiece that recounts the writer’s encounter with a basket seller girl at a railway station. The tale explores themes of love and tragedy for readers.

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Who had written ‘”The night train” could refer to a train that operates during nighttime hours at Deoli‘?It’s a short story by Ruskin Bond. We have shared many quality reviews of Ruskin stories on our site. The best thing about his writing style is simplicity and elegance. Some of Ruskin Bond’s stories are:

The Night Train At Deoli Summary


The story is about a boy who visits his grandmother in Dehradun and stops at Deoli station where he meets a girl selling baskets. He falls in love with her and buys baskets to converse before continuing his journey to Dehra.


On the way back, he met a girl and told her about his attachments. The girl told the boy that she’ll go with him next time. On the next vacation, the boy again decided to visit Dehra. He reached the station but didn’t find the girl. This made the boy a bit anxious. He moved back from Dehra and the same happened.

Boy Revisited station

The boy planned that he’ll spend the day at Deoli station next time. He visited the station a third time. He even asked tea sellers about the girl. They informed him she was not coming for a long time. The boy thought many things about her. He assumed maybe she had faced some sort of issue or she was dead.


Life Tragedy

The boy realized that he had to leave his quest for her and move on in life. The story ends with a real lesson from the boy’s life that our life isn’t a movie but a reality. Sometimes, we rely on people that we can’t get. So,  it is wise to move on without wasting time.

The Night Train At Deoli Analysis And Themes

What is the theme of the Night Train at Deoli? The central theme of this story is life tragedy and our false hopes.

What do you learn?

Ruskin Bond tells readers in this story that real life and movies have differences. If the boy were a film hero, he would have gone searching for a girl but he was in the real world. He understands it was a teenage wholesome moment. He kept the girl as a memory and moved on in life.

Further, one can ask questions about why the boy hadn’t found the girl at Deoli again. Maybe. The girl faced some issues or met some mishaps. One can analyze it in many ways. What do you think about this? Share your opinion in the comments.

Review: The Night Train At Deoli

  • Overall, it was a good one-story for readers. The story has a simple style and can be beneficial for kids. Ruskin Bond delivered a great tip for readers by highlighting the meeting of the boy and the girl.


  1. Ruskin Bond books are good for kids.
  2. Parents can develop the reading habits of kids.
  3. Easy with diagrams.
  • It’s a personal review after reading this story. Ruskin Bond delivered great stories for students.


This article provided a summary of The Night Train At Deoli. The plot teaches readers the difference between reality and expectations. Sometimes results appear different from our expectations.


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