The Necklace Summary And Analysis-Guy Da Maupassant

Threads of Fate-The Necklace By Guy Da Maupassant

The Necklace by Guy Da Maupassant is a tale of a middle-class couple and their dreams. The story introduces readers to the dreams and aims of middle-class people and their struggle to achieve those dreams. Here is “The Necklace Summary And Analysis”.


It’s a story work by French author Guy Da Maupassant. He wrote this story back in 1884 and captivated readers because of its unique and elegant ending.

  • The author had written around 300 short stories.
  • Some of his famous works include Useless Beauty and the mustache.

The Necklace Characters

Here is the list of the necklace characters:

Madam Mathilde Loisel

She was a girl belonging to a middle-class family. She was married to Mr.Loisel.She had always imagined her life as a life full of luxury but the life turned out to be different.


He was Mathilde’s husband. He worked as a clerk in the education department. He had his own house. Further, he loves his wife deeply.

Madam Jeanne Forestier

She was Mathilde’s rich friend. She gave her necklace to Mathilde.

The Necklace Summary-Guy Da Maupassant

The main point of the necklace is we should always be grateful for the things we have. The story starts with a girl named “Mathilde Loisel” who belongs to a middle-class family. She always wanted a luxurious life but it turned out the opposite. She married a man “Mr.Loisel” who was a clerk in the education ministry.

Their life was full of sadness. Mathilde always had an urge for an extravagant life. One day, Mr. Loisel came and told her that there was a party going to happen at the education department and they invited them. She responded in a sad and pessimistic way. Upon questioning, Mr. Loisel came to know that Mathilde needed clothes for the party. He provided her with 400 francs that he saved to buy his hunting weapon. After getting dressed, Mathilde started complaining about jewels. Mr Loisel gave her the idea that she needed to wear flowers as they gonna look pretty on her but she refused. He then advises her to visit Madame Forestier(Mathilde’s rich friend).

Madam Frostier lends her diamond necklace to Mathilde with a kind heart. At the party, she looked beautiful and everyone wanted to dance with her. They reached back home after the party and Mathilde found that she had lost the necklace.

The couple decided to buy a new necklace to replace the one they lost. The new necklace cost them 40,000 francs but 36k francs set as final price. The couple handed the new necklace to Madam Forestier and she didn’t even check it. This new necklace cost them so much in life for 10 years. They lost their house and lived in a rented house. Mr.Loisel did three jobs at a single time to meet life requirements. Mathilde also started doing housework that she always hated.

One Sunday, Mathilde met her friend “Madame Forestier” at a park. She didn’t recognize Mathilde as she was aged because of life’s harshness. She told her that she was responsible for such change in these years as she lost her necklace and bought a new one in exchange for their house.

Madame Forestier felt very bad for Mathilde and told her that the necklace wasn’t a real one made of diamond. It was a fake one. Here the story ends confusingly.

Story Analysis: The Necklace

By reading about Mathilde, you’ll analyze that she always dreamed of an extravagant and elegant lifestyle. She didn’t like the middle-class lifestyle. She even thought “housemaid”  was baseless. Although it was good for her to dream and expect a luxurious lifestyle it seems she didn’t take a step. To have a great life, one should also take risks.

Moreover, the personality of Mr.Loisel seems like a man who loves her wife. He even gave his money for Mathilde’s dress. This element explores his life for Mathilde.

The Necklace Themes

The story sets the following themes:


We should accept the reality. Mathilde always complained about her life and she never accepted her lifestyle.


A theme of love is also found in the story. The love of Mr.Loisel for Mathilde is unprecedented.

Power of Truth

If Mathilde had spoken the truth to her friend, she wouldn’t have needed to sell her house. She came to know at the end about the reality of the necklace. If she had utter the truth, they didn’t need to live(a bad life )for 10 years.

The Necklace Review

It was a great story for me. I enjoyed reading this work by Guy Da Maupassant. The ending was unexpected. You can learn one point from the story always feel grateful for the things you have. When you feel unhappy, see those who lack the things you have in your life. This gonna make you happy and you’ll realize the importance of your achievements.

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Conclusion: The Necklace Summary-Guy De Maupassant

In a nutshell, it was a tale of a couple who lost a necklace and tried to replace it by selling their property and house. The story explores themes of love, dishonesty, and acceptance.


What are the characters in the story “The Necklace”?

Here are lots of there characters in the story:

  • Mathilde
  • Mr.Loisel
  • Madame Forestier

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