The Monkey Trouble Summary-A Funny Tale

The Monkey Trouble is another hilarious story that is full of humor and fun. The story discusses the entry of a female monkey into the life of the family. Further, you need to read this story to your children. Here is the monkey trouble summary and analysis.


It’s a great work by Ruskin Bond, a famous Indian author who had devoted his work to children’s stories. We had discussed and reviewed many stories of Ruskin Bond on our website. Some of the blogs are:

The Monkey Trouble Characters

You guys must know the characters before starting the story:


She’s a female monkey in the story. If you read about her, you’ll notice she was full of fun and naughty.


He was the one who brought Totu to the house.


She resisted Totu’s entry to the house but later she accepted her.


He was the uncle of Ruskin who narrates the whole story.

Aunt Ruby

She was Ruskin’s aunt and she didn’t like Totu at all.


He was Aunt Ruby’s fiancee.

The Monkey Trouble Summary

Ruskin narrates the story of when his grandfather bought Totu from a street juggler for 10 rupees. The juggler captivated Totu in chains and that’s why grandfather bought Totu. He believed she’d feel good at his house. He was fond of pets and that’s why he also had a snake. Grandmother didn’t like these pets. She even said funnily that she’ll not allow any further monkeys in the house to grandfather. This was a direct mocking and she meant it for grandfather. This made me laugh when I was reading the story.

Somehow, she agreed and Tutu got entry into the house. Totu seemed innocent money but that was the opposite. Aunt Rubi also lived in the house and one day she screamed when Totu was found in her room. Uncle Benji is also furious at Totu as she uses his hair brush. He said he’ll not use it from now on. Grandma said she would not allow Totu to sleep in the house. She has to sleep outside with goats.

Ruskin visited the railway station with their grandfather for his pension. Totu was enclosed in a handbag but the ticket collector saw her and demanded money for a seat. At all, he agreed and ignored money. They lived in north India where cold breeze was common. Totu always cleaned herself with hot water. One day, she even sat on boiling water.

One day Aunt Ruby opened up about her marriage. She introduced her fiancee “Rocky” to the family. Ruskin also loved her as he gave him chocolates. Rocky and Aunt Ruby went outside to buy an engagement ring. Ruskin and Totu secretly followed them. Aunt found Ruskin at the shop and he got involved in the shopping. Surprisingly, Toto came there and she wore a necklace and ran away. The shopkeeper, Ruskin, and Rocky all run behind her. She runs in the whole town. Everyone was running behind her. Finally, she left the necklace in a gutter, and Rocky cleaned it. He gave back to the keeper.

After this incident, Aunt Ruby said she didn’t want Totu at her wedding as she’d create a mess. The marriage days came, and guests were coming. Totu was making a cake with Grandma. She didn’t know how to cook but she tried one know the taste of cake but it’s said from that day, no one came back.

Ruskin Bond The Monkey Trouble Analysis

To be honest, it’s a funny story and you must enjoy it. The story although hasn’t a great ending but you’ll enjoy each word of it. Many people question why Grandmother allowed Totu entry to the house. The answer is that she always liked girls and Totu was female, so she agreed. Further, the remarks she made were funny.

When Totu ran away and the creature messed up in the city was interesting to read. You can’t stop laughing if you read this story. Overall, it’s a good story and you can read it to your kids.

The Monkey Trouble Review

The moral lesson of the monkey trouble is animals make us happy. Although, Totu created a mess that was all right. It was funny when I read she offered her help to grandma.

  • Further, you’ll enjoy this story because of its funny vibes.

Conclusion: The Monkey Trouble Story Summary

In a nutshell, the story was all about a female monkey “Totu” and her naughty habits. She did some things that can make readers laugh. Overall, it’s a great therapy for story lovers


What is the summary of Monkey Trouble Class 7?

Monkey Trouble is an elegant and mesmerizing work by Ruskin Bond in literature. It highlights the trouble created by a female monkey “Totu”.She was bought by the narrator’s grandfather. The monkey was naughty, clever, and cunning.


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