The Meeting Pool Summary-Ruskin Bond

The Meeting Pool By Ruskin Bond

Have you ever decided to meet your friends after a long time but failed? This story by Ruskin Bond tells you such an event. The Meeting Pool by Ruskin Bond is a tale of friends who pledge that they gonna meet after ten years at a pool. Here is the meeting pool summary and analysis.

About Book

The Meeting Pool is a short story by Indian writer “Ruskin Bond“.This story has been loved by many readers as well as a part of studies. If you’ve read “The Hidden Pool” by Ruskin Bond, this story seems a sequel to that one.

The Meeting Pool Characters

Here is the list of characters from the story:


He’s the main protagonist of the story. Are you searching for a Rusty character sketch? Well, he seems a boy who loves to do adventure.


He’s the second character of the story and a close friend of Rusty.


  • He’s another Rusty friend.

The Meeting Pool Summary

The story “The Meeting Pool” starts with a teen boy named “Rusty” who finds a pool amidst of forest. The view of nature had captivated Rusty. He even disclosed about the pool to his friends “Somi” and “Anil“.

Fun at Pool

They all enjoyed their childhood in the pool. The trio caught fished together. One day, they made a promise that they gonna met at this place after ten years. They set the date “5th April,1964“as the meeting date. All my friends agreed on this idea.

Rusty Comeback

The story now set in the present. Rusty came to the pool after 10 years according to their promise. He waited but found no one. None of his friends came back. He went into deep thought. He said to himself maybe his friends were busy with life. Some had joined the military service while Anil was a rich man. Further, he seems completely different than he was in childhood. Anil now looks cruel and arrogant. As Rusty was thinking such stuff, he listened to some sounds of kids. He rushed and found some kids playing in another pool. This scene took Rusty back to his old days of childhood with friends.

The Meeting Pool Analysis

The story tells readers how the time changes us. They all made promises but none other than Rusty came back. This shows that other friends had their busy schedules. They all indulged in life events and ignored the promise. Further, another said reality about life has been told via this story. Life ain’t always be the same as we want. This is what you’ll find in the story.

The Meeting Pool Theme

The main theme of the meeting pool by Ruskin Bond is the impact of time on us. Time changed the childhood friends. We all are struggling to find better ways of living. In doing so, we had completely ignored the soul of happiness and joy.

Setting Of Story

The story is set in India. The author highlighted nature and its elegance amazingly.

Review: The Meeting Pool by Ruskin Bond

Overall, it’s a great story for teens. This story tells the meaning of childhood fun and how life changes us and our priorities. Well, some critics hated the ending of the story as they wanted the three friends to reunite but the author wanted to tell us the real things that happen opposite to our thinking.

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Conclusion: The Meeting Pool Summary

In a nutshell,  The Meeting Pool by Ruskin Bond is a tale of friends who made a promise that they’d meet at a place after ten years but none came back.

  • If you have been looking for “The Meeting Pool” questions and answers, check them below:


What are the similarities and differences between Somi and Anil?

When Rusty realized that no one had come back after 10 years, he started thinking about his friend’s priorities and lifestyle. He says that Somi and Anil are different in childhood. Some had joined the military while the other Anil is now a successful businessman. He further says Anil has now become cruel and arrogant with time.

What is the theme of the meeting pool by Ruskin Bond?

The main lesson you’ll get is our priorities change with time. Further, life is not in our control but it has ups and downs.

What was the date of the meeting in the story “The Meeting Pool” by Ruskin Bond?

They set the date “5th April 1964″as the date of the meeting.


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