The Lady Or The Tiger Summary, Analysis And Review

The Lady or The Tiger is an elegant short story that highlights the encounter of a young man with a harsh and barbaric king in his arena. The man had an affair with the king’s daughter that made him angry. The story has an opening ending for readers.


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Who has written “The Lady or The Tiger”?Many story lovers Google this term. It’s a fascinating short story by a famous American author “Frank R. Stockton“.He was born in the 19th century and earned a prestigious rank in story writing. The most prominent theme is humor and fun in his writings.

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Characters: The Lady or The Tiger By Frank R.Stockton

The story has characters that have no names at all:


He seems an evil man with strict rules. He had his justice system.

Young Man/Lover

He fell in love with the king’s daughter and soon met consequences.


She was the king’s daughter. She seems a generous and kind girl by nature.

The Lady Or The Tiger Summary

So here’s the summary of the lady or the tiger for you. Frank R. Stockton introduces readers to a king who rules on his public. The king was an evil and a violent man. The author used the word “Semi-barbaric” for a king. What is the meaning of semi-barbaric? Well, it highlights a man who seems strict, harsh, and has a violent personality. He had made his arena for prosecuting the criminals. The criminals were allowed to choose one out of two doors. One door had a lion behind it while the other one enclosed a beautiful, captivating girl. If someone chooses the door that has a lion, he’ll get killed by a lion. On the other side, if someone chooses the door having a girl behind it, he’ll marry her.

Princess Affair

One day, the king came to know about his daughter’s love affair. He recognized a man and put him in the arena for execution. The man was ordered to choose one of two doors. Although, it was a threshold moment for him. He still hoped that the princess would confirm the hidden secret of the doors and let him know.

Princess And The Doors Secrets

Princess soon learned about the inhabitants behind doors and also learned about the girl behind one door. Princess came to know that the girl loved his lover and the lover also adored her. On one side, she had to choose his lover’s life from the tiger. On the other hand, she had to sacrifice his love for another woman. The story ends openly when the princess tells the lover to opt right door and he moves toward it

The ending of The Lady or The Tiger

The story ends in an open style and now it is up to readers to predict the ending of the story. What do you think had the princess saved her lover? Had the lover opened the door having a lady? You can share opinions with us in the comments.

Analysis: The Lady or The Tiger

The story is incomplete. We have also shared such stories on our site having such endings(visit). The author has enhanced the interest of readers by bringing the ending full of unpredictability. What is the ending of the lady or the tiger?

Well,  it’s unpredictable princess had to save her lover or let him go to another girl. It was a difficult situation for her. We think maybe she had saved her lover as true lovers still want good for one another.

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Themes in The Lady or The Tiger

What is the major theme in The Lady or the Tiger? The most important themes are the harshness of the king and the love of a princess. The author used words in the story “oxymoron” for the cruel king. It means he was a barbaric or cruel man having strange principles.

Story Review: Lady or The Tiger

Overall,  The Lady or the King by Frank R. Stockton is a masterpiece. It somehow introduces readers to the past and its justice system. Remember,  it’s not a real event but a fictional story. The ending left readers to indulge in thinking and expressing their views.

Conclusion: The Lady Or The Tiger Summary And Analysis

In a nutshell, it was all about a summary of the lady or the tiger. The story revolves around a man who falls in love with the king’s daughter. Soon, he appeared in the arena and had to choose between life and death. The story has an open ending for readers.

  • The lady or the tiger questions and answers:


What do you believe happened at the end of Lady or the Tiger?

The ending is left for readers. One can predict many scenarios. For example,  maybe the princess saved her lover from the door having a tiger behind it, and sacrificed him for another woman standing behind the other door. Further, one can also think may be king forgave the man as love for his daughter melts him. The ending is ambiguous.

What is the main lesson of The Lady, or the Tiger?

It all relies on the princess’s decision. It was up to her to choose life for her lover or to put him to the mouth of death.

What’s your review about the lady or the tiger story?

It’s a great one for kids. The story has some symbols that highlight the outcomes of our actions and the flaws in our justice system. It further discusses how kings had ruled upon poor people in the past. The ending of the story is not completed and you should guess your opinion.

What is the moral lesson of the story ‘The Lady and the Tiger’?

The story reflects readers to make decisions with their senses. The man fell in love with the princess but never thought about the reaction from the king. Further, this story highlights divisions in society and how it causes jealousy. The king hated Princess Lover as he was not a man with a healthy status.


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