Franz Kafka The Judgement Summary And Analysis

The Judgement by Franz Kafka is all about the life of a son who witnesses the hate of his father. The story seems to discuss the patriarchal character of society. Here is the summary and analysis of the judgment by Franz Kafka.


Franz Kafka was a German writer born in 1883. He had a very deep writing style that links to realism. If you read some of his stories, themes of guilt, regret, and anxiety are common.

The Judgment Characters

The story had three characters in total but two are common.

George Bendemann

He was a merchant who wanted to write a letter to his friend who lives in Russia. He got engaged to a rich girl named “Frieda Brandenfeld“.


He had an unknown name in the story. He was George’s father who had an evil and poisonous behavior toward his son. He even criticized George when he wanted to write a letter to his Russian friend.

Franz Kafka The Judgement Summary

The story starts with a guy named “George Bendemann” who was a successful merchant doing great for the last two or three years. He worked in synergy with his father. He had a friend who moved to Russia and seems he was inspired by the Russian Revolution. In Russia, he struggled but lost his hope. He became poor.

George wanted to write him a letter about his life. He wanted to tell him that he got engaged and her fiancee was a rich girl. Then, he had some random thoughts. He thought he should not write to his friend as maybe he’d feel bad or gonna envy him.

He went to his father to get a recommendation on the issue. His father was ill and he moved him to his room. He behaved with him well. He told him that he was going to write a letter to his Russian friend. The father behaved like he didn’t know George’s friend. After some time, he asked if the blanket covering him. George said yeah, it’s covering. The father lost his nerves and started criticizing George. He labeled him as a selfish and evil man.

Father even criticizes George and sentences him to death by drowning. He said he knew George’s Russian friend and he also knew that George was a failure. This thing had broken George’s heart. He left the house and jumped into the river.

The Judgement Analysis

Franz Kafka introduced the term “Kafkaesque”  which discusses themes of punishment, judgment, and guilt. There the term “judgment” is related to social or individual judgment. Some readers said this story somehow related to Kafka’s lifestyle. He lived a harsh life. The character of the father in the story looks like Kafka’s father.

A patriarchal concept is found in the story. The father ordered the punishment and George completed it like the public who are ready to do everything for the king.

The thing that I analyze in this story is it’s somehow psychological. The words of George’s father demotivate him although George was a successful merchant. Family support is mandatory for success and this story is a prime example of it.

The Judgement Themes

Here are the themes of the story.


The relationship of George with his father is a healthy one that explores themes of conflict and fight. His father opposed him in each step he wanted to take.


George’s father always criticized him. He told him that he was a selfish and evil guy.

Psychological Support

Words have power. George’s father uttered the words that depressed his confidence in life and took a step that led to death.


The story also explores themes of patriarchal dominance in society. Father just cursed George and he made that happen.

Conclusion: The Judgment Summary-Franz Kafka

In a nutshell, this blog discusses the summary of The Judgment, a short story by Frank Kafka. The story is all about a man who wanted to write a letter about his life to a friend. He was going to do that but his father demotivated him and passed harsh comments. The words broke the guy and you’ll get what these words had left impact on George.

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What are the characters in The Judgement by Franz Kafka?

The story had two important characters,the father and the son “George”.They both belonged to a rich family but have zero had harmony or cooperation. The relationship between father and son was full of disrespect.



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