The Hidden Pool Summary-By Ruskin Bond

The Hidden Pool By Ruskin Bond

It’s a short story for kids by Ruskin Bond. The story consists of three friends and their adventure to glaciers. They went through ups and downs but ended up finding their destination. If you’re a nature lover and have a craze for hiking, you’ll probably love this summary of the hidden pool.


Starting with the author’s biography.It’s an elegant work for children by Ruskin Bond. This story explores the mind-blowing elucidation of nature including valleys, forests, and glaciers. Some of Ruskin Bond’s best stories are:

Characters in The Hidden Pool By Ruskin Bond

The story had three main characters:


He was an English boy who came to India for two years because of his father’s transfer.


He was the son of a cloth merchant. He mostly ends up in trouble because of his actions.


He was a poor guy who sold items for his survival e.g. shoelaces. He always wanted to get an education and had big goals.

The Hidden Pool Summary

Laurie and Friends

The story starts when Laurie came to India for 2 years as his father had a transfer there. In India, he met new friends. One of them was Anil who was the son of a merchant while the other guy was Kamal who always struggled to become rich. He had set his aims high.

Finding Pool

One day, Laurie was returning from school and found a pool amidst of fire. He was amazed by the elegance of pool and the nature. He ran back to his friends and informed them. They occupied the pool and declared it as their hidden or secret place. They enjoyed even catching fish and riding over the buffaloes.

Making Dam

They dug the pool deeper to make a dam but the rain disrupted their plan and even lost their clothes. They sneak to their houses at night.

Pindari Glaciers

The three friends learned about the Pindari glaciers. One day, they made their way to the glacier. A boy “Bisnu” who was a mountain boy also joined them on the journey. They learned about the trek that it’s been blocked as paths weren’t cleared but they waited inside the cave. They even encountered a bear on their journey. When the path was cleared, they reached their destination and came back.


The story ends in a way that Laurie moved back to England while Kamal had started his hard work for studies.

This story is mostly for those who had a beautiful past with their besties. If you’ve had such adventures, surely you’ll gonna miss them after reading this short story.

The Hidden Pool Analysis And Themes

The story left readers with memories. You’ll recall your past events as you read this short story by Ruskin Bond. Further, Ruskin portrayed the fascinating scenery of the Himalayas. You’ll feel that you have also traveled to the Pindari glacier with Lauria and company.

  • The main themes of The Hidden Pool by Ruskin Bond are joy, adventure,  memories, and happiness.

Moral Lessons

What is the moral lesson of the story “The Hidden Pool” by Ruskin Bond? The story collectively inspires readers to live their life fully. Further, enjoy the moments as they’ll never repeat.

The Hidden Pool Review

The writing style of the story is quite simple and easy. The author had tried his best to promote the beautiful appearance of the Indian Himalayas. Those who read this book find themselves in nature as they’re observing it live. The story is suitable for teens and I’ll rate it 9 out of 10.

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Conclusion: The Hidden Pool Summary By Ruskin Bond

In a nutshell, the Hidden Pool story by Ruskin Bond explores the adventure of Laurie with his friends to the Himalayas. The story is full of nature elegance and adventure.

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What is the synopsis of The Hidden Pool by Ruskin Bond?

The story tells the adventure of a trio of friends to the Pindari glaciers in the Himalayas in India. The trio had fun on their trek to the glacier and encountered various obstacles.

Who discovered the pool in the story “The Hidden Pool”?

The pool was discovered by Laurie in the middle of the forest. He informed his other friends and they had fun there.

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