Review:Ruskin Bond The Cherry Tree Summary

The Cherry Tree By Ruskin Bond

A tale of a boy who unintentionally planted a seed that turned into a tree and made him happy. The tree was a symbol of hope and survival. Here is the cherry tree summary and analysis.


The story is a fascinating work by Indian writer “Ruskin Bond“. He’s well known because of his stories and novellas that have inspired many generations. You can find the importance of trees in this story and helps you to grow them in your yard. Some of Ruskin Bond’s famous stories are:

Ruskin Bond The Cherry Tree Summary

As a reader, you should know the characters in the cherry tree. The story has two main characters, Rakesh and his grandfather. Rakesh seems a child of 6 or 7 years old who lived with his grandfather in Mussoorie.

Rakesh parents are farmers and they live away from him. He visits them on vacations.

The Cherry Fruits

One day, Rakesh was returning from school and he bought and ate some cherries. He sowed seeds of the last three cherries he had in the garden. It was a suggestion by my grandfather. He acted on suggestions and sowed them. The seasons he was changed until the Cherry seeds turned into a small plant. Rakesh noticed the plant when he was listening to his grandfather’s tales. He was demotivated by the slow growth of plants but still, he managed it.

The Cherry Plant

Rakesh visited his parents on vacation. He helped them with crops and looked weak. When Rakish came back, he saw a tall plant around 4 feet. It even had leaves.

The Goat Attacked Plant

One day, a goat attacked on its leaves and this broke Rakesh’s hope. Grandfather told him that it’ll grow. The plant again developed leaves as its base was okay at the moment. The next time, a maid shed all the leaves of the plant. This time, both felt sad and thought it was the end of the cherry plant. Rakesh loved the plant so much that he never even dared to kill caterpillars on the plant.

The Cherry Fruits

The plant still grows and it even provides fruits. Rakesh ate them and said they were sour. Grandfather said to him that they’ll give better output next year. The next year came, and Rakesh was called by his grandfather to see the shadow created by a cherry tree in summer.

The Cherry Tree Analysis

The story tells many readers about the importance of climate change. In a world of too much population, many industries are working and emitting poisonous substances. Further, the temperature of our planet Earth is increasing with each passing day. The trees are being cut down by us. This had made life miserable. So, Rakesh’s gesture inspires us to grow trees and see the outcomes. They grew cherry trees unintentionally but that delivered them fruit along with the shadow that cooled the summer heat.

Moreover, the story also sends a message of hope. Both characters of the story never left hope till they got the fruit. This inspires me as a reader of the story and I hope all of us will get these golden thoughts shared by Ruskin Bond.

The Cherry Tree Themes

The story highlights the following themes:


The gesture of Rakesh is the real character of humans. If we do such things, many creatures can benefit from our actions.

Climate Change

Growing trees is a gesture that can reduce the effects of climate change. Trees can protect the life of the ozone layer and can save the earth from excess heat.


Rakesh had his hopes high till the end of his achievement. Further, he also learned why the cherry tree was important.It’s because they grew it with their own hands.

Hard work

Rakesh seems a hard-working guy who helps his parents as well as his grandfather. It’s the element that is missing in the current generation.

The Cherry Tree Lessons

Here are the five remarkable lessons from this story:

  1. Help your elders
  2. Grow plant as much as you can
  3. Beat the climate change
  4. Minimize cutting of trees
  5. Grow at least one plant in your garden

Conclusion: The Cherry Tree Summary-Ruskin Bond

In a nutshell, it was a great story for chickens aged 12 years to 15 years old. It inspires them to know the seriousness of climate change. The character of Rakesh deeply left an impression on the minds of readers.


Who is the main character in Cherry Tree?

The Cherry Tree is an amazing work by Ruskin Bond that summarizes the importance of growing plants. The main character of the story is a boy “Rakesh” who has grown a plant from Cherry seeds.

How live with Rakesh in the Cherry Tree?

Rakesh lived with his grandfather in a place that was near the school. They both had a quality time in the story.



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