Humanity is Alive-The Blue Umbrella Summary

The Blue Umbrella is another short story for children that inspire readers to do the things that can benefit others.The story moves around a girl who got a beautiful or elegant blue colour umbrella.Everyone in the village wanted that umbrella and they started shaking jealousy.Here is the blue umbrella summary and many more to read .


Who wrote the blue umbrella?It’s a short story by Ruskin Bond.He is a well known indian author who had inspired many children with his remarkable and enthusiastic stories.This story also sends a message to you that you’ll get at end of blog.

The Blue Umbrella Characters

Here are the characters from the story:


She’s the main character in the blue umbrella by Ruskin Bond.She is a teen girl who lives in village.


He’s Binya brother.

Ram Bharosa

He was the old man who wanted the blue umbrella Binya had.He had a strong urge for getting that silky umbrella.He owned a shop in village where he sell Candy to kids.


He was a boy who worked at Ram Bharosa shop.He tried to steal umbrella but was caught by Bijju.

Ruskin Bond The Blue Umbrella Summary

The story start with a girl named “Binya“who lives in Indian village.She owned a elegant necklace made of leopard claw.One day,tourists came to village.One of them had a blue umbrella made of silk.This umbrella caught Binya attention and she wanted it badly.She exchanged her necklace and get the elegant blue umbrella.

In the rainy days,she showed her umbrella to society.Villagers soon developed grudge against her as she owned a beautiful umbrella.In the village,a man named “Ram Bharosa“who was a shop keeper saw Binya umbrella.He developed desire for this umbrella.He offers Binya some money for getting the blue silky elegant umbrella but she refused him.The days passed,umbrella lost its fascinating look but still it was unique in village.Ram Bharosa was sad as he didn’t get his love “the blue umbrella”.

In such days,he hired a boy named “Rajaram“at his shop.The boy was cunning and intellectual.He presented a idea to Ram Bharosa that he’ll get that umbrella for him if he’ll give him 3 rupees.The boy tried to steal that umbrella but was caught by Bijju(Binya brother).He beated him and questioned him.The boy blamed Ram Bharosa for all stuff.Soon,Ram Bharosa lost respect in village and everyone stopped visiting his shop.

The days passed on,Ram Bharosa was getting weak because of bad health.In such time,Binya paid a visit to his shop.She bought candy and went away.Ram Bharosa noticed that she left her umbrella there on counter.He run behind her but she said that it’s a gift from her to him.This kind gesture made him happy.The story ends when after many days,Ram Bharosa presented a bear claw necklace to Binya.

The Blue Umbrella Analysis

We can make this world good ,if we do god and play a role.Binya presented at last her umbrella to old “Ram Bharosa”.This is a lesson for those parents who want good parenting.Binya gesture sets example of kindness and respect to elders.

  • As a reader,one should do his best to perform such acts.This lead to development of a good society.

Further,the story highlights human nature that how we become jealous of other achievements.Many villagers had jealousy for the blue umbrella owned by Binya.Such habits should be free from our personality.

The Blue Umbrella Themes

The story explores these major sensational themes:


Binya gesture at end of the story is a theme of kindness.


The way she let her beautiful umbrella to Ram Bharosa highlights element of respect and sacrifice.


A theme of jealousy is also seen in story.All individuals even Ram Bharosa was jealous of that umbrella.


Rajaram did a bad act of stealing umbrella.Although,he wasn’t successful but still it was a bad thing in a society.

The Blue Umbrella:Story Review-Ruskin Bond

The story send a message of forgiveness and sacrifice.As a human,we should do things for others.Life is unexpected and one should do gestures that many remember after dismissal.That’s the main message of the blue umbrella by Ruskin Bond.

Overall,it was a valuable story and I’ll give it 9 out of 10 reviews.Further,you can visit my site for many amazing stories and their reviews.

Conclusion:The Blue Umbrella Summary

In nutshell,the story elucidates life of girl Binya who had a blue umbrella.She loved this umbrella alot but soon she presented it to the one who need it.Her act of kindness won readers heart and that’s what make Ruskin Bond soo special.

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