Story Review:The Bet By Anton Chekhov

The Bet By Anton Chekhov-Story Of Pov

A young lawyer and a banker set a bet on a government rule. The main cause of the bet was a warm issue of capital punishment. This story tells you the importance of freedom. Further, if you’re fascinated by reading, this is a masterpiece for you guys.


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It’s a short story by a Russian author named “Anton Chekhov“.The story was published back in 1889. What is the moral story of the bet? This story tells you the true meaning of freedom and the worth of temporary things including wealth.

The Bet Characters

The bet by Anton Chekhov characters are:

The Banker

He was the one who entered the bet. He believed that the death penalty was great for those who had committed a sort of crime. He seems a man who had a huge amount of treasure.

The Lawyer

He was a young man who had a bet with a banker. He had antagonistic views of bankers. He deeply focused on life imprisonment being greater than the death penalty.

The Bet Summary

The story starts in the present when a banker recalls a past event that happened 15 years ago. He remembered that he had a party at his house. The guests were also there. They had a strong argument over the capital punishment law. Guests were in the life of life imprisonment but the banker said the death penalty is great for criminals. The heat of the moment strengthens. A young lawyer was also there. He said life imprisonment as well as death penalty both are cruel and immoral as the law shouldn’t do such things to humans. This POV made the banker angry. He told him he’d give him 2M rubbles if he spent 5 years in prison. The lawyer said he could even spend 15 years in prison. They entered into a bet for 15 years of imprisonment. The banker told him that he’d close him in his house. He was allowed to write for items he needed. He further can’t speak to any person in 15 years. The lawyer accepted the bet and entered the prison.

He was provided with wine, musical instruments, books, and cigarettes. The lawyer knew the hazards of wine mad cigarettes. He preferred reading books and playing piano. He did such things for a long time. He read diverse literature in jail. He learned up to 6 languages. He even wrote a letter to a banker in six languages to check his language dominance.

When ten years passed, he started reading top-level literature. He had a firm grip on literature. Now, the fifteen years were completed and the time to end the bet was near. The banker was poor at the moment. He thought of killing the lawyer as he couldn’t now pay him such huge money. The banker entered in lawyer’s room and found him very weak. He read a letter first before killing him. The lawyer shared his views that he didn’t need money as he got a huge fortune from the banker. He had visited and enjoyed many cultures by just reading books. The books introduced him to various parts of the world. He declared them as the true meaning of freedom and superior over materialistic things like money.

The Bet Analysis

The bet by Anton Chekhov had a diverse sense. You can get a message of foolishness and idealism at the same point. The banker was a fool as he was going to give such a huge money. Further, the lawyer was young and he spent 15 years of his life in prison. That was a great part of his life but he learned that materialistic things aren’t everything. Freedom can also lie within books. Further, the health condition of the lawyer shows the life of a prisoner.

Anton Chekhov left the end of the story to the readers. Now you can feel what happened to the lawyer after the bet ended. Did the baker pay him money? Had he had a better life after release? You can share your thoughts with us in the comments.

The Bet Themes

Human nature

It’s the most prominent theme in the story “The Bet by Anton Chekhov”.You can get the idea that it’s human nature that we can’t have the same opinions. We can antagonize other views. If you ask what was the cause of the bet? literally, it was a difference in opinion.


What’s the climax of the best short story? The banker tried to kill the lawyer after fifteen years as he was now unable to pay the lawyer. This shows that the baker was a cheater as well as a greedy man.


The banker refused to pay the lawyer when he lost the bet. This shows his hypocrisy.


You can get a lesson that sometimes freedom can be found in things other than materialistic items. The lawyer enjoyed reading books and declared this as his biggest freedom.


What’s the irony of the best story? Well, it’s a dramatic irony that after 15 years, the banker was poor. He doesn’t have money to pay the lawyer and the lawyer wasn’t aware of such things. Moreover, you’ll be amazed at the lawyer’s reviews when he ignores to take the money from the banker and runs away at the end of the story.

Conclusion: The Bet Summary And Analysis

In a nutshell, the Bet by Anton Chekhov is a tale of two persons who have different points of view. One believes that the death penalty is good, while the other one is in life imprisonment. The setting of the story isn’t clear but happened at a party. The ending left readers with many questions.

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