Ruskin Bond The Overcoat Summary-Horror Story

The Overcoat by Ruskin Bond-Ghost Type Story

This short story introduces readers to horror imagination. The plot of the story involves the encounter of the narrator with a girl in a hilly area. This blog will share a summary of The Overcoat by Ruskin Bond, analysis, and themes.


Who had written the story “Overcoat“?It’s a short story by Ruskin Bond. If you have read his stories, you’ll get a description of nature as a dominant factor. Some of Ruskin Bond’s short stories are:

The Overcoat Characters

The story has three main characters:


He’s the one who shares the event.


She’s the girl with a suspicious history.


She elaborated on the real history of Julie to the author.

Ruskin Bond The Overcoat Summary

The story starts with the narrator’s journey through the hills to attend the Kapadia party. As he was walking through the hills, he came across a girl who also joined him for the party. She named herself as Julie. The narrator didn’t ask questions from her as he was new in the area. Soon, they arrived at the party. Kapadias thought that the girl was the narrator’s relative while the author thought that may be she’s Kapadias relative. After the party ended, the girl moved back in with the narrator. Ruskin Bond shared the weather in the story as the snow was falling. The narrator provided his overcoat to Julie to keep herself warm. She said to the author that she lives in “Wolfsburg“. The narrator said he’d come tomorrow and take his coat.

The next day, the narrator moved to the location assigned by Julie to get his overcoat. He answered that no one by Julie’s name lived in the town. Soon, a neighbor “Mrs.Taylor”came up and told that Julie had died years ago because of tuberculosis. She was the daughter of the Mackinnon family.

This answer astonished the narrator and he moved to the nearby graveyard. He started finding Julie’s grave. Soon, the narrator finds his overcoat on Julie’s grave and the story ends there.

The Overcoat by Ruskin Bond Analysis

From the start of the story, it doesn’t seem like a horror or ghost-type story. When Mrs.Taylor declares the history of Julie to the narrator, this gives horror vibes. Further, the narrator finds his coat on Julie’s grave seems a prove that the girl was Julie’s ghost. The narrator had encountered Julie’s spirit. This story increases your craving for reading more of Ruskin’s short stories. You can check their reviews on our site also.

The Overcoat Themes

What is the central theme in The Overcoat by Ruskin Bond? The main theme of the story is horror. The ending of the story may shock readers after knowing about Julie’s death.

  • Further, the author discusses nature in an elegant way that will boost interest rates in the story.

Review: The Overcoat By Ruskin Bond

Overall, it’s a great and fascinating writing for kids or teens. The turning point of the story is its ending.

Conclusion: Ruskin Bond The Overcoat Summary

The Overcoat by Ruskin Bond highlights an event when a narrator in the story meets a girl Julie on the way to a party. They both chatted and spent time together. The ending of the story has an unprecedented twist that gives readers get a view of this story.

  • If you’ve any queries, plz let us know in the comments below. For The Overcoat by Ruskin Bond questions and answers:


Who’s Julie in the Overcoat by Ruskin Bond?

She’s the girl who died years back and encountered the narrator in the form of a ghost or Pret.

How does Julie die in the overcoat by Ruskin Bond?

Mrs.Taylor told the narrator that Julie died years back because of tuberculosis. It’s a disease of the lungs having suppressed immunity.

Where did the narrator finally find The Overcoat?

The narrator came back to the address assigned by Julie but learned she was dead years back and he met her ghost. He moved to the nearby cemetery and found his overcoat on the headstone of Julie’s grave.

Who’s Mrs.Taylor in the overcoat?

She was Julie’s neighbor who told the narrator about Julie’s death.

What is the climax of The Overcoat by Ruskin Bond?

The story ends at a climax when the narrator understands that he met a ghost of Julie.


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