Presenting RK Narayan Best Short Stories-Recommended Ones

Unveiling RK Narayan Must-Read Short Stories

RK Narayan was a top-rated Indian short story writer. He is popular among readers due to his fascinating and informative short stories. If you read his stories, you will get an overview of the Indian lifestyle.

  • I will provide information about RK Narayan’s best short stories in this article. Here  is the RK Narayan stories list:

A Horse and Two Goats

This story explores Indian village life. The plot consists of two characters. One is a poor old man named Muni and the other is an American tourist. The villager had his goats to fulfill his needs. He guided the tourist but the language gap created a twist in the story.

What does this story teach us?

This story provides information about cultural division and language issues. Further, it encourages readers to tackle difficulties with patience.

The Blind Dog

It’s another elegant work of RK Narayan. The plot is about a blind dog who navigates by using his sense of smell. One day, a street performer arrived with a monkey. The monkey was an expert in picking audience pockets. The dog smelled monkey thievery. This inspired the performer and he opted dog.

  • This story inspires readers that one should not lose hope. Disabilities should never be an excuse.

A Shadow

This story shares lessons of self-discovery. The plot was about a man who noticed his shadow and started thinking about it and its qualities. The man idolized his shadow. He changed his looks which developed confidence in him.

What does this short story teach? Well, this story shares the idea that we can change ourselves by focusing on ourselves. Further, this story promotes the idea of accepting one’s self.

The Missing Mail

This name defines the mail error. The plot was about a guy Shyama who was waiting for a letter from his friend but because of postal errors, someone received his letter. The man took the money in a letter and kept it. The two friends understood about the letter issue after encountering each other.

  • This story provides key information about dishonesty and its outcomes. It reminds us how humans deceive others to get personal benefits.

Engine Trouble

It’s one of the most funny stories of RK Narayan. It was written in his famous collection named Magludi Days. The plot was about a road engine that was won as a prize by a man. The engine created miseries for the man. The ending of the story shows that the road engine did not provide any benefit to the owner.

  • This story is good for those who are looking for funny content. I hope you will love reading this story.

A Hero

This story setting takes place in school. Swami, a boy was ordered to stay in school after ringing the bell. He considered this as a pride task. When he went to the rung bell, the boy found a dog. He had to step over the dog to ring the bell. The boy was afraid but soon gained courage. He performed his assigned work.

  1. This short story is motivational for readers. It encourages them to take risks in life.
  2. Further, the author says that ordinary or simple people can become heroes on encountering difficulties in life.

The Edge

This short story by RK Narayan explores themes of ego and overestimating one qualities. The story was about a young wrestler named Ranga. He was too much prideful of his skills. One day, he challenged an old wrestler. He thought he would humiliate him easily. The match took a turn and Raga lost the match. He learned that his pride gave him defeat and shame. He realized that simplicity is above everything.

Conclusion: RK Narayan’s Best Short Stories

In this article, I provided information on RK Narayan’s best short stories for readers with moral lessons. People adore him for his elegant and straightforward writing style, which makes his work a pleasure to read.

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