Ruskin Bond Dinner By Moonlight Summary-Black Hat Mystery

Dinner By Moonlight By Ruskin Bond

Are you an adventure lover? If yes, here’s a great story for you. Dinner By Moonlight is another masterpiece for kids that highlights the adventure of three friends and their encounter with a strange man. The story explores themes of adventure, hiking, nature, and loyalty.


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It’s a short story for kids by Ruskin Bond. The most prominent element in his work is nature. This story still elucidates the same theme. Some of Ruskin Bond’s best stories are:

Dinner By Moonlight Characters

The story has these characters:


He’s the most famous character in Ruskin’s stories. In the story, he went hiking with his two friends.


He’s another Rusty friend who went hiking.


The third boy was Popat who joined Rusty and Pitamber.

Kaalee Topee(Topi)

He was the man who narrated a wonderful story to these three friends on top of the hill.

Dinner By Moonlight Summary

Journey To Top

The story starts with the adventure of three friends Rusty, Pitamber, and Popat to a hill named “Witch Mountain“.On the top of the mountain, all had a plan of staying. Who was the boy’s host in Dinner by Moonlight? They had a caretaker named “Kaalee Topee“.The man has one eye as one seems to be lost by injury.

Conversation with Man

The boys sat near a fire lit by Kaalee Topi using fallen leaves and pine cones. Rusty asked the man about his hat, to which he replied that he had a deep connection with it and felt safe with it on. The boys were impressed and applauded.

How Kaalee Topee found hat?

Popat asked the man, “What’s your real name?” He replied, “Kaalee Topee. I’ve been using it for a long time and don’t care what people think.” Rusty asked how long he’s been wearing the hat, and he told them it’s been 30 years. He recounted the story of how he acquired the hat. As a guard in the jungle of an English magistrate, a lion attacked and killed the magistrate. Kaalee Topee tried to save his master but was injured in the process. He climbed a tree to save his own life. After the situation calmed down, he retrieved the hat from near the bushes where it had fallen. From that moment on, he wore the hat. The man then introduces them to some mysterious things and the story ends.

Dinner By Moonlight Analysis

You’ll love the simple writing style of the story. Further, the loyalty of the man with the hat inspired readers. Many critics questioned why the man hadn’t saved his master? or why the forest guards had not saved the master. They didn’t save him because firstly they had no guns. Secondly, you can’t fight nature.


What is the theme of Dinner By Moonlight? The story has the following themes;


If you’re fascinated by hiking or such activities, you’ll love this story. Moreover, you can meet people like Kaalee Topee at various places who narrate their own stories. If you’ve experienced such an incident, let us know in the comments.


The man hadn’t removed his hat for 30 years and this motivated the boys?


A beautiful view of nature can captivate readers, especially mountains.

Review: Dinner By Moonlight

Overall, it was a good hiking-based story. You can share it with your friends as well as teach it to kids.

The way Ruskin presented the idea is outstanding. Further, you’ll always the simple style of writing by Ruskin Bond. You can find summaries and reviews of many stories on our site.

Conclusion: Dinner By Moonlight Summary

In a nutshell, Dinner By Moonlight By Ruskin Bond is a tale of three friends and their hiking journey to a witch mountain. On the top of the mountain, they all met a man who had been wearing a cap for the last thirty years. If you are interested in learning about the history of black hats, you can read the story.

  • If you’re looking for “Dinner By Moonlight” questions & answers:


Who is the writer of “Dinner By Moonlight “?

Dinner By Moonlight is written by Indian author “Ruskin Bond”. He’s quite popular with kids for the themes of adventure and nature in his stories.

What happened to Kaalee Topee eye?

In the story “Dinner By Moonlight” the host is a one-eyed man. He told the boys he lost his eye as got injured by a lion claw. He was saving his master.

Who’s hat was black hat wearing?

Black Hat(the man)was wearing the cap of an English or Angrezi magistrate who was killed by a lion.




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