Pret in The House Summary With Questions Answers-Ruskin Bond

Pret in The House by Ruskin Bond

This horror story by Ruskin Bond is specifically written for children. The plot revolves around a ghost or spirit that moves from a tree to a house and plays pranks on the inhabitants. This blog shares a summary of “The Pret in the House”.


Ruskin Bond had written this story specially for kids. Readers had loved this story because of its simplicity and humourous vibes.Some of Ruskin’s best stories are:

The Pret in the House characters

Here are the characters you’ll know in the story:

  • Grandfather
  • Grandmother
  • Aunt Minnie
  • Uncle Kin
  • The boy

The Pret in The House Summary

The story starts on a peepal tree that was occupied by a ghost or Pret(Spirit). He was teasing everyone who passed on the road. The authorities decided to cut down the tree to widen the passing road. The ghost was deprived of its house and shifted to a new nearby home. This house was owned by my grandfather. The ghost started playing its cards there. First, he annoyed Grandma. He hides her spectacles. He harvested his grandfather’s peas from the garden and the ghost bothered his uncle by tugging at his blankets.


After some days,  Aunt Minnie came to the house. She was a very nervous woman like Uncle Kin. The part replaced toothpaste with grandfather’s shaving cream as an aunt was cleaning her tooth. Further, he also replaced the ink with soap. Such pranks ruined everyone’s peace and they decided to move to a new house to get rid of ghosts.

As they were moving to a new house in the car. They listened to some sounds from the carts placed upon the cart. The grandfather stopped the car and listened that the ghost was very happy as he was traveling with them also.

Ruskin Bond The Pret in the House Analysis

Although, the Pret or ghost annoyed everyone he didn’t hurt anyone. The authorities destroyed their house and they played pranks with humans. Overall,  The Pret in House by Ruskin Bond is a funny tale that gives you laughter.


What is the theme of the pret in the house? The story explores the following themes:


The tricks done by Pret were really funny. This makes readers laugh.


Further, the writer wanted to share never disturbs nature. The road authorities disrupted the ghost house and it led to problems.

Family Support

All people in the family are annoyed by Pret behavior but Let’s support each other during stressful moments.

Conclusion: Pret in the House Summary-Ruskin Bond

In a nutshell, it’s a great funny tale for kids by Ruskin Bond. The moral of the story is to never harm any living creature. The ghostly pranks were harmless, making it a good story.

  • Please find the “Questions and Answers” section about the pret in the  house rent below:


Why grandfather decide to move to a new house in “The Pret in the House by Ruskin Bond”?

They decided because they all were tired of ghosts and their pranks. He irritated Uncle Kin by pulling on his sheets, snapping peas, and hiding Grandma’s glasses. Such humorous activities made them shift to a new home.

Why did the Pret move to the house?

Pret had a house on a peepal tree that was above the road. The tree was cut down because the authorities decided to widen the road. This made Pret to shift to the house.

What Pret did do with Aunt Minnie?

The pret played a prank with Aunt Minnie. While his aunt was cleaning her teeth, he used his grandfather’s shaving cream instead of toothpaste, which shocked Aunt Minnie and caused her stress.

Who wrote “The Pret in the House”?

“The Pret in the House” is a short story for children written by Ruskin Bond, a renowned Indian author”.

How did the Pret cause mischief?

The prêt annoyed everyone, including the passengers who passed by on the road. Moreover, it was said that one should not open their mouth while yawning as it can allow air to enter the stomach and cause discomfort.

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