Rediscovering O Henry’s Classics :O Henry Top 10 Short Stories

O Henry was a famous short story writer in English literature. His writings are highly rated by readers. The common themes you can find in his work are love, friendship, hope, and hope.

In this article, I will provide O Henry’s top 10 stories for readers.

O Henry Top 10 Short Stories

  • The recommended masterpieces are:

The Gift Of Magi

This story is one of my favorites as it explores the theme of love. It introduces readers to the real meaning of love and emotions.

The plot involves a couple named Jim and Della. They both wanted to please their partner. They sold their precious things to present gifts to their partner. You will fall in love with this story.

The Ransom Of Red Chief

If you are looking for some funny stories, then this one is for you. The plot involves an event when two men kidnapped a kid and tried to get ransom but the kid made them sad. They were tired of his habits and canceled their plan.

The Last Leaf

This one is my second favorite in O Henry’s work. This story promotes a lesson that hope and trust can tackle difficulties.

The story involves a sick girl who is waiting for death. She thought that the falling leaf from the tree would be his death alarm. A man helped her and gave her hope by making a painting. You will feel emotional after reading this masterpiece.

Jimmy Valentine

This story involves an event when a man who was a criminal fell in love with a rich girl. He decided to leave all his crimes for the sake of her life. Many times his past life tried to create hurdles for him but his love prevailed all the time.

O Henry Top 10 Short Stories

Further, this writing tells why it’s good to use your skills and talent in good activities rather than bad habits.

After Twenty Years

This story is a detective-type work. The plot revolves when two friends who meet each other after twenty years. One of them was a criminal while the other was a detective. He arrested his friend on the meeting day. This story sends a message that duty and responsibilities are always above your relations.

The Furnished Room

This writing involves themes like loss and despair. The plot involves a man who rented a room where his love committed suicide. He was searching for clues and finally found them.

The Skylight Room

If you lead a simple life but have lofty aspirations, this story is for you. It promotes the message that we should always aim high. The plot revolves around a woman who had big dreams but was living in a cheap room. She remained steadfast in her belief that she would achieve her goals.

The Cop And The Anthem

This story also involves humor. The setting takes place in winter when a homeless man named Soapy tries his best to get into prison. He played many tactics. He was about to get a new life but then sent to jail.

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Hearts And Hands

This story involves the encounter of women with two men on the train. One of them was a criminal while the other was a detective. The criminal one was realized by women. The men exchanged their identities and professions in front of women. This saved the respect of criminals in society.

  • This story explains the worth of human self-respect and emotions.

A Service of Love

This story involves two couples who had different professions but supported each other. They both went through financial problems. They performed different tasks for the sake of each other happiness.

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Conclusion:O Henry Top 10 Short Stories

In this article,  I have selected O Henry top top-rated stories. You will fall in love with the writings of O Henry. If you have any doubts, contact us.

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