Hills Like White Elephants Summary-A Complex Relationship Tale

Hills Like White Elephants-A Story To Have Abortion”

Hills Like White Elephants” by Ernest Hemingway is a tale of two lovers who discuss the events of their lives at a railway station. The story has characters and topics that are not mentioned but readers can guess what it’s all about. Here is the detailed “Hills Like White Elephants Summary”.


It was written back in 1927 by a famous author “Ernest Hemingway“.You can analyze the depth and elegant writing style of Hemingway in his writings.

Hills Like White Elephants Characters

The story had two characters but their names aren’t clear:

The American Man

This person seems to be indulging with her girlfriend named “Jig“.At the start of the story, it seems maybe he wanted to persuade her of something “operation”. Remember, what sort or kind of operation isn’t confirmed but we’ll tell you at the end of our blog.


She was his girlfriend. She seems to resist the offer from the man.

Hills Like White Elephants Summary

The story is set at a railway station in Spain. A couple was waiting for a train that would take them to the city “Of Madrid“.They were looking tired and lazy. The girl “Jig”  tells his boyfriend “The American Man” that the Hills look like white elephants. What does this term mean? Well, it’s at the end of the blog. He was asking her to have an operation. I noticed they were talking about abortion. The man wanted her to have an abortion as this gonna depress the tensions in their relationship. The girl did not agree with him. After some time, she noticed that he didn’t like her compliment. So, she said the hills don’t like white elephants.

The American man told her that he’d still love her after the operation. It’s just an operation and he knows many people who are having a great life. There comes a bartender in the story. She offered them two beers and said something in Spanish to the American man. The man had a grip over both languages. Finally, when he again discussed the operation term, jig said “No more” and she moved away from an open environment. After some time, the train reached the station and he reached out to Jig and asked if she was feeling okay. She answered him that she was feeling good and here the story ends.

You must be thinking weirdly about the story ending.

Hills Like White Elephants Analysis

It seems that the girl wanted to have a baby but the man was in favor of abortion. Abortion is the loss of a baby before birth or simply it’s preventing delivery. It can be done by using many contraceptive drugs.

What does the term “Hills look like white elephants”  mean? Well, it’s a Western term that highlights something an owner can’t dispose of. When Jig told him that hills look like white animals, it may be linked to the pressure of having a Baby. The hills are compared to her pregnant belly and she didn’t want a baby. While the later term “hills don’t look like white elephants “says she wants the baby.

  • Further, you can see jig seems to be dependent on that man. She even didn’t understand what the Spanish bartender told the American dude in Spanish.

The ending is left to us by Hemingway. I think maybe she had  an abortion as it was a way to depress the hindrance in their relationship.

  • You guys can tell your opinion in the comment section.

Symbols: Hills Like White Elephants


The writer depicted the view of the Spanish railway station. He said there were valleys and elegant mountains with the best environment.

Hills and White Elephants

The hills mean “pregnancy” and the elephants mean “baby or thing no one wants”.It’s a euphemism. It’s the most prominent term of the story.


Further, you’ll learn they were waiting for a train that was coming from Barcelona and they’ll depart for Madrid. It’s a Spanish city full of natural elegance.

Conclusion: Hills Like White Elephants Summary

In a nutshell, it’s the story of an American guy and his girlfriend who were discussing abortion at a table at a railway station. The moral lesson of the story is never to rely on anyone. Do the thing you want.


What is the setting of the story Hills Like White Elephants?

The setting of the story happens at a railway station in Spain where the two lovers discuss a serious topic.

What did the bartender say to the American Man?

The bartender in the story “Hills Like White Elephants” said that only 5 minutes were remaining for train arrival.

How many trains stay at the station?

The train stayed for 2 minutes at the station before departing for Madrid.



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