Ruskin Bond Dust On The Mountain Summary And Analysis

Dust On The Mountain-A Story That Teach You Worth Of Nature

Many of us are struggling to fulfill our needs. This story by Ruskin Bond will portray the image of a boy named “Bisnu” who went to the city to end his family’s hardships. In this blog, you’ll get an overview of Dust on the Mountain summary and analysis.


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If you have experienced or read any of Ruskin Bond’s work, you’ll elegantly get the presentation of nature. Although, this story is written shortly and simply but makes you fall in love with it. Some of Ruskin’s best stories are:

Dust on the Mountain Character Sketch

What are the characters in the dust on the mountains? The story has one main character “Bisnu” while others are supporting characters.


What is the character sketch of Bisnu? Well, he’s the protagonist of the story. He seems a hardworking boy who struggles to fulfill his family’s starvation. Further, he has a deep love for nature and it’s proven in the story.


He’s Bisnu’s friend in the story who met him at the cinema. They both searched for work on their bad days.


He’s another chitter friend who moved to Delhi to get a job.


He’s the sikh driver who provided Bisnu job in the bad phase of his life.

Dust in the Mountain Summary

The story starts with a boy named “Bisnu” who lives in a village “Tehri Garhwal” with his mother and sister. Ruskin Bond described the living conditions of the Bisnu family. That particular year in the story, excessive rainfall had devastated the crops and led to a shortage of food material. This leads to starvation in the village and also for the Bisnu family. To get rid of such issues, Bisnu moved to Mussoorie against his family’s will.

Mussoorie was a famous city for tourists, especially in summer. Here Bisnu got a job as a tra seller in a cinema hall. Further, he met two characters Chittru and Bali. They became his new buddies. As September reached, he lost his job because the cinema was closed. Then, Bali moved to Delhi for a new job while Bisnu and Chittru searched for a job at the mine site. Chittru got the job while Bisnu was rejected as he was underage.

He spends nights under stress but then gets a job as a truck driver who works for a limestone company. Pritam, the truck owner paid him handsome money. The mining company destroys mountains to get limestone. This thing had shattered Bisnu’s heart as he was a nature lover. Then, after days Bisnu and Pritam met an accident. Bisnu was saved as he said a tree came in front of the truck and saved them from getting into the valley. Pritam received serious injuries and stayed with his family. The story ends with the return of Bisnu back to his village.

Dust on the Mountain Analysis

The story is inspirational for chickens as well as for teens. First of all, Ruskin Bond shared the life of poor kids. They earned for their families in little age like Bisnu. They had the pressure of family starvation.

Second, global warming is a serious problem these days. The author shared the impact of deforestation on planet Earth by sharing Bisnu’s views about those who cut trees. Bisnu hates those who destroy the land rather than cultivate it. Why did Bisnu return to his village? The limestone company was destroying trees by bombarding mountains. This activity shattered Bisnu’s heart and he came back.

Themes: Dust on the Mountain By Ruskin Bond

What is the theme of the dust on the mountain? The story explores two major themes, one is deforestation and the other is hard work.

  1. Deforestation is cutting down trees. This is popular these days and a major contributor to global warming.
  2. Secondly, Bisnu is portrayed as a hardworking and industrialist boy who struggles to earn money to end family necessities.

Dust on the Mountain Book Review

Ruskin Bond is highly rated because of his captivating short stories with simple writing style and presentation of nature. If you’re a nature lover, you can’t stop loving this short story. Overall, it’s a recommended one for kids as it is going to teach them about the importance of mother nature.

Conclusion: Dust on the Mountain Summary

In a nutshell, the Dust on the Mountain by Ruskin Bond shares the life of a boy who left his village to get a job. He ended up as a tea seller. The story explores themes of responsibility, hard work, and care for nature.

  • If you are looking for some dust on the mountain questions and answers, check them below:


Where did Bisnu move to save his family from starvation?

Bisnu moved to Mussoorie to end the starvation of his mother and sister. They opposed him but he moved against their wishes.

What is the moral of the story Dust on Mountain by Ruskin Bond?

The main valuable lesson for readers from this story is taking care of trees and fulfilling their own responsibilities. The character of Bisnu is inspirational for readers as he has a heart for nature as well as the stress for his family.

Why does Bisnu prefer to move back to his village?

He was devasted when he saw the condition of trees and the mountains in the Mussoorie. The limestone company had vanished trees to get limestone. This broke Bisnu’s heart and he came back to the village. He declared it’s better to stay on hills rather than on land that is deprived of trees.



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