Cat in The Rain Summary-A Women Who Rescued Cat

 Cat in The Rain-A Story Of Cat Lover

It’s a story based on the desire of a woman for a cat outside her hotel. She tells her husband about the girl outside. The cat appears more than a pet for the women. Here is the Cat in the Rain summary and analysis.


It’s a work of literature by Ernest Hemingway. He is famous because of his elegant and wonderful writing style. This story seems simple but found to be deeply related to our lives. Some of Hemingway’s works are:

Cat in the Rain Characters

The story had the following characters:

The Women

She was the one who saw the cat in the rain. She wanted a cat badly. Further, she seems to utter her wishers to George.


He was her husband who was mostly found doing reading. He was even tired of women talking.

The Hotel Owner

He was a sweet guy and the women quite respected her as he dealt with clients nicely.

The Maid

She helped the women in the rain. She had bought Umbrella for her.

Cat in the Rain Summary

The story starts in Italy. There was an American couple who was living in a hotel. They were on vacation. The hotel had a delightful and eye-captivated view full of elegance. It also provides a view of the war monument. It was raining outside. The woman saw a cat outside in the rain. She was saving herself from getting wet under a cafe table.

The woman decided to bring that cat. She told her husband George and he offered to go and get the cat. She reached downstairs and met the hotel owner. She liked the Italian owner as he seemed a nice man. When she stepped outside of the hotel, the rain became intense. Soon, the hotel maid bought an Umbrella for her. When she reached the cafe, the cat was missing. The women felt pessimistic and disappointed. She moved back to the hotel and told George the whole scenario.

The woman moved near a window of the room and started telling her wishes or desires to her husband. She told him that she wanted a cat and she wanted to grow her hair. The man was found to be tired of her talks and told her to shut up. Soon, someone rang on the door and the main was there. She had a beautiful cat in her arms. She said to the woman that the owner had gifted this cat to her. That’s how the story ends up.

Cat in The Rain Analysis

The cat was more than an animal for the women. She rescued her from the cold weather. Further, you can analyze that the women also wanted to get rid of spring.

The cat was somehow linked to women’s lifestyle. The cat was hiding under the table from the raindrops. The woman was alone with her husband in the hotel. She tried to talk to him but he was tired and indulged in reading paper. This explores her loneliness and solitude that was somehow related to the cat. Both had misery as a common element.

  • This story sets an example of a good deed. The care of women for cats is something that sets a lesson.
  • In a world full of chaos, we should take care of innocent animals.

Cat in The Rain Themes

The story had the following themes:


You guys read about the setting of rain from the start. It was a major element in the story.


The Life of Women explores the themes of loneliness and solitude. She wanted a cat because she needed someone to spend her quality time with.


The maid of the hotel helped women in the rain. She provided an umbrella for her. This is a prime example of kindness and an elegant heart.

Tortoise Shell

You must read this word about the appearance of a cat at the end of the story. The tortoise shell represents the lack of water or dryness.

  • Some readers(not all) linked this dryness to the infertility of women. They believe the only reason she wanted a cat was because she couldn’t have a baby.


A theme of disappointment and lack of hope is also there in the story. The woman reacted badly when she didn’t find the cat at the cafe.

Cat in the Rain 5 Moral Lessons For Readers

Every story had some lessons. The collective lessons from this story are:

  1. Take care of animals
  2. Offer help to needy ones
  3. Kindness leads to respect
  4. Spend time with family
  5. Do what you love

Conclusion: Cat in the Rain Summary

In a nutshell, it’s the story of a couple who spend holidays in Italy. The wife of the man saw a cat and she wanted it badly. Overall, it’s a great story that can delight you as a pet lover.

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