O Henry By Courier Summary-A Story Of Honesty

By Courier By O Henry Overview

The story involves the rapprochement of two lovers with the help of a boy who acts as a courier. Some sort of disdain is established between the lovers. The boy exchanged their messages and cleared the stuff.


O Henry wrote this masterpiece back in 20the century. You’ll love the writing style of this story. He used short sentences that can be easily understood by the reader. Some famous stories of O Henry are:

By Courier Summary

The story is set in a park. O Henry says that there weren’t so many people in the park. There was a young lady who was sitting on a bench near the beach. She seemed sad and tired. She seems to be waiting for the upcoming spring. There was some sadness in her eyes.

A tall man who was also walking saw a woman and stood near her. She ignored him like she didn’t see him. The man’s skin tone changes to red and again restored to pale. He sat on a bench near that woman. A boy who was holding a suitcase came up. The man saw him and stared at him with a strange look. He said to the boy to do a favor for him. He wanted him to deliver his message to that lady.

He told him that tell her that he was going to leave for San Francisco and gonna see Alaska’s beauty. You must wonder why the man didn’t speak to the lady. That’s because she told him not to speak or write to her. The boy moved close to the lady and told her the hot words from the man. He told her that he was leaving for San Francisco. He told her that she was unjust for things he hadn’t committed.

The woman replied to the boy after some time. She told the boy that she knew that man as they had a relationship in the past. The lady said that she told him that she knew her limits and strengths. I know my rules and I’ll not give any attention to his baseless arguments. I saw him in the garden with Miss Ashburton in his arms. The boy took the message and told all words to the man.

This time the gentleman opened a pocket and pulled a latter. He wanted the boy to deliver that latter to the lady. Tell her to read it and this gonna clear all of their problems. It seems that the letter had information that could define reality. The boy took the letter to the lady and told her to read it. She opened the letter.

The letter had a gratitude for the gentleman(Dr. Arnold). The writer thanked him for saving the life of her daughter. The gentleman caught his daughter when she fell and the lady understood it as badly.

After reading the letter, the lady was changed and said to the boy”Tell him, that his girl wants him”.

Analysis: Short Story By Courier

The story simply delivers the effect of wrong perception. The gentleman saved a girl from falling into the garden but the lady thought maybe he loved her. The lady saw him holding girls in his arms as she was plucking flowers. This left a wrong perception in her mind and she stayed away from the gentleman. Finally, the letter cleaned all the stuff.

The role of the boy as a courier was fascinating. He helped the reunion of lovers. He acts as a source of decreasing their tension.

By Courier Themes & Moral Lessons

By Courier by O Henry explores these major themes:


The boy acts as a courier and delivers their messages. This is an example of kindness.


You can analyze how love was still present between coupless. There was some tension between them and finally, it was cleared at the end.


It had a huge impact and power. The gentleman was honest and finally received the reward for being honest

Symbols: By Courier


The story is set in a park that has few people roaming around. Further, it had a view of the beach.


It seems that the lady was waiting for spring. Maybe, she was tired of the weather or it also explained her loneliness.

Conclusion; By Courier Summary-O Henry

In conclusion, it’s a good short storybook for readers. The story simply taught me the meaning of being kind and honest. You guys can share your POV in the comments.

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