Angry River Summary And Review-Ruskin Bond

Angry River By Ruskin Bond-A Story Of Courage

The story is set on an island that has an elegant view of mountains and a river in its surroundings. Young Sita lives with her grandparents on the island and struggles against the harshness of nature. Here is the Angry River Summary for you guys.


The story was written back by Indian writer”Ruskin Bond “back in 1972. It had a central discussion on natural disasters and how humans cope with them. The firmness of Sita gonna motivate you to stand against hardships. Some of Ruskin’s works are:

Angry River Characters

The story Angry River by Ruskin Bond had 3 characters:


She’s a young girl who lives with her grandparents on a beautiful island.


They lived with Sita in a hut house on the island that had a river around it.


He was the guy in the story who helped Sita when she faced a flood on the island.

Angry River Summary

Sita lives on an island that has a river around it. Further, she had her grandparents with her in the house. The house seems to be made of three walls of mud while the fourth one is made of mountains as support. She had learned a lot about the surrounding river. Grandparents told her that the river had bought disaster twenty years before. Now, they have been living on the island for around ten years.

One day,  Grandma becomes ill. Grandfather had taken her to a hospital via using boat. He also sold the three goats for treatment expenses. Before leaving, Grandfather told Sita that try to climb on the pipal tree in case of flood. The rains became intense and Sita sat on a pipal tree. She left her Mumta”a doll” in a hut. She feared that the tree may cleave but then she saw a crow who was saving her eggs. This thing inspires Sita. Soon, a boy “Krishna”  reached her and took her to a safe place. He even gifted her a flute and said he’d meet her.


Then, she reached her grandfather and felt sad at the news of Grandma’s dismissal. After 3 months, the flood was finished and they moved back to their house on the island. Then, Sita was thinking about the boy and his promise. One day, Krishna came back and she told him that she couldn’t use the flute. Then, he told her he’d teach her how to use it. Here, the story ends.

Angry River Analysis

The story highlights the struggle of people who live in harsh areas that face floods, earthquakes, and climate change. The life of Sita and her struggle in the time when the river became angry or broke down inspire readers.

Further, this story can be linked to reality. People in many areas of the world face the same problems as Sita. The government needs to protect such people and provide them with necessary items.

Angry River Themes

The story had the following themes:


The way the author discussed the view of the island and the house is elegant.


Krishna helped Sita and saved her. It’s an example of kindness and being humble for people.


Flood is a major disaster in the story. You can get an image of its impact on life in the story.

Story Review: Angry River

Overall, it was a good story that tried to promote the lifestyle and facings of people. Further, you can get a moral message of human services.

Conclusion: Angry River Summary

In a nutshell, the story also tried to share information about events of climate change. Floods are becoming very common these days. The major cause of floods is climate change or alteration.


What is the moral lesson of Angry River by Ruskin Bond?

The main idea of this story is to tell readers about the struggle of people amidst of floods, earthquakes, and other natural disasters. The life of Sita showed the impact of flood but her boldness motivates you in such situations.

Why the name of the story is “Angry River”?

Angry River is defined as a river that moves with a great and fast speed. It can ruin things that appear in its way. The rivet that was near the island was the same.

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