Ruskin Bond All You Need is Paper Summary & Analysis

All You Need is Paper By Ruskin Bond

It’s an elegant short story for kids that highlights the difference between life in England and Dehradun. This story is narrated by Rusty who came back to his village.

  • Story: All You Need is Paper By Ruskin Bond
  • Series Name: Rusty Comes Home
  • Year of publication:2004

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It’s a remarkable story by Indian writer “Ruskin Bond”.It’s found in his “Rusty” collection. The best thing about Ruskin’s bond is that he elaborates moral lessons most simply. Further, the major element found in Ruskin’s story is nature. Some of Ruskin Bond’s stories that need attention are:

Characters: All You Need is Paper

What are the characters in All You Need is Paper by Ruskin Bond? The story has one main character who narrates his life in comparison with his life in England.


He’s the main protagonist of this story. He came back to Dehra after a long time and found it completely strange this time. His friends left Dehra for jobs while some had departed from the world. Such incidents made him sad.


She’s a rusty neighbor who has the power to talk with ghosts.


He was a rusty friend and a son of a washerman.

Ranbir and some

They were other mates who had left the city to get a job.

Sudheer and Kishan

They had a bad ending and you’ll read afterward.

All You Need is Paper Summary

The story is elegant and starts with the assumption of a character “Rusty” who came back to Dehra after years. Ruskin Bond shares their loneliness of rusty by comparing his different opinions about life. Rusty digs and makes a comparison between Dehra and England’s life. He said he was always ready to spend time in England. If he wanted to kill time, he could go to the cinema but in Dehra, it was the opposite. Here, he lives in a house that opens towards the road. He can hear the voices of vendors all day. Further, he remembers his teenage friends. Sitaram, one of Rusty friends had moved for better money and life while Somi and Ranbir moved to Bombay and Kolkata.

Further, Rusty also shares the life of his remaining two friends. He said Sudheer was called by laborers while Kishan died when he tried to save a kid from drowning. Ruskin Bond also highlights the biography of Rusty in the story as he worked as a writer and earned money hard. He had a decent neighborhood with Mrs.Singh.It was believed that she had a sort of power as she communicated with ghosts.

Rusty even started selling vegetables in Dilaram Bazar in front of the shop but soon his confidence shattered. He learned that he had to pay attention to his career. Overall, you’ll get vibes of loneliness and nostalgia as you learn about Rusty life.

Analysis: All You Need is Paper

What is the analysis if all you need is paper? Ruskin Bond highlights the life of Rusty in Dehra. Although, loneliness and solitude seem the popular theme in the story one thing that the author wants to share with readers is the memories of the past. Rusty, remembered his old days and the quality time with besties. This can be a great lesson for readers, especially for kids. Parents can teach them that they should enjoy and live their life best as time won’t come back and life isn’t always up to expectations.


What is the main theme of all you need in the paper? This story by Ruskin Bond had two themes for story lovers:


It’s the prominent element of the story. The way Rusty digs his life events explains his loneliness.

Time is worthy

Rusty had grown now and couldn’t get back the time he had with his besties. This is a lesson that enjoy your life in the best way.

Review: All you need is a paper summary and analysis

Overall, it was a great story by Ruskin Bond. The main lesson of the story is living life in a way according to will. If someone is interested in reading nostalgic stories, this can be a great story. You can share your valuable feedback in the comments below.

Conclusion: All You Need is Paper Summary By Ruskin Bond

What is all you need is a paper by Ruskin Bond about? The story revolves around the life of Rusty in Dehra. He worked as a writer there and badly missed his teenage friends. The main themes of the story are loneliness, time, and nostalgia.

  • If you’re looking for “All you need is paper” by Ruskin Bond questions and answers:


What type of life did Rusty discover in Dehradun?

Rusty found the quality of life in Dehradun completely different from England’s life. He was irritated by noise and loneliness.

What happens to Kishan if all you need is paper by Ruskin Bond?

Rusty narrates about the ending of his friend Kishan as he got death while saving a kid from drowning.

Who narrates all you need is paper.

The story is narrated by Rusty, a dominant character in the Ruskin Bond series “Rusty Comes Home”.


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