A Wedding Gift Summary By Guy Da Maupassant-Story of Acceptance

A Wedding Gift By Guy Da Maupassant

It’s a story of a young man named “Jacques Bourdillere” who had affairs with multiple women but ended up with true love. The story will teach you the meaning of acceptance and responsibility. Here is the A Wedding Gift Summary, Analysis, Themes, and Review.


It’s a story by French author “Guy Da Maupassant“.The best thing about his stories is realism. His work explains the lifestyle of the middle classes as well as the poor. Some of Guy Da Maupassant’s stories are:

A Wedding Gift Characters

Jacques Bourdillere

He’s the main character who had an affair with many women but has sworn for a long time that he will not marry from now on.

Berthe Lannis

She was the girl who married Jacques. She was a nice woman with a beautiful and elegant appearance.


He sends a letter to Jacques at the end of the story.

A Wedding Gift Summary

The story starts with the main character “Jacques Bourdillere” who swears that he’ll not marry as he has a breakup with his love. He was lying on the sand near the river. A woman came up and he was amazed with her beauty. A few days later, he met Berthe Lanni’s family and they all loved him.

Meeting Berthe Family

On the other hand, Berthe parents were a bit afraid as they learned bad things about the young man. They heard that he had plenty of affairs in his life. Jacques refused all of the allegations. It was said there was an unknown friend who wrote a letter to Jacques every week that made him angry.


Berthe parents took a test of his loyalty and the marriage took place at the start of May. The couple didn’t want to follow a conventional wedding routine. There were family dancers at the wedding.

The Letter

The couple was silent and watching each other with love. Then, a man came who handed a letter to Jacques. This thing made Jacques a little afraid. He tried to put the letter into his pocket but saw “it’s urgent” on the corner of the letter. He excused his bride and moved out by saying he had to pay a visit to his friend who was in an emergency. Jacques moved out and read the letter. It was from Dr.Bonnard who wrote that his previous wife had given birth to a son and she’s going to die because of postpartum hemorrhage. He visited her and promised her that he’d grow a child and never leave him. The wife and the man loved and cried for one another. She confesses that she loved him all her life. In the morning, the women slept forever and the man took his son and reached back to his bride.

Who wrote a letter to Jacques?

When Jacques came back, everyone was asking questions. He told Berthe that he lost his wife during delivery. He has a son now.

The Ending

The story ends when Berthe opens her heart for the baby and says they both gonna grow this baby.

Analysis Of A Wedding Gift

First of all, it’s a story that shows the love of one woman for another. Berthe had opened her arms for a son who was born from another woman. This is an example of acceptance. Further, it seems that there were pseudo-allegations related to Jacques. In reality, he loved his wife so much that he accepted her wish at the end of the story. They both confess their love at the end. The only barrier between them was their breakup in the past.

  • You can analyze and learn that Jacques was responsible. He learned the urgency of growing son and did that.

A Wedding Gift Themes

Here are some major themes in the story:


When Jacques learned about the birth of his son, he understood his responsibility and said he’ll gonna bring him up.


Although Berthe was a new bride. Her wedding was not even completed but she stuck with the reality of Jacques. She learned about the loss of the mother of the child and she spread her arms for the baby. This shows the elegant nature of Berthe.


A theme of love is also found in the story. The term that shows Jacques swore he would not marry anyone shows how much he loved his wife. The moral lesson of a wedding gift is recognizing your responsibility, redemption, acceptance, and love.

A Wedding Gift Moral Lessons

  • Open your heart like Berthe
  • It’s good to understand the responsibilities
  • Try to accept others
  • Forget and forgive in life

Concussion: Guy Da Maupassant A Wedding Gift Summary

In a nutshell,  A Wedding Gift by Guy Da Maupassant is a tale of a man who marries a young woman but an unexpected event happens at the wedding. He learned about the birth of his son and the loss of his previous wife. This event astonished him but the new lover had a kind heart and accepted the newborn baby. The story introduces readers to the importance of understanding the responsibilities and the worth of the right partner.


Who’s the protagonist in “A Wedding Gift” by Guy Da Maupassant?

The main character in the story is a young man “Jacques Bourdillere” who newly married a girl “Berthe“.The man had a strange past that is unveiled in the story ending with a twist. W

What are Guy Da Maupassant’s best stories?

Guy Da Maupassant is a French writer who has written elegant stories in literature that are related to society. Some of Guy Da Maupassant’s best stories are:

  • The Necklace
  • A Wedding Gift
  • La Confidence
  • Suicides


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