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A Service of Love By O Henry-Tale Of Love

The story is simply a prominent example of love and loyalty. A Service of Love is a fascinating story that highlights the life of a couple who overcame hurdles to reach their goals but supported each other. Readers have loved the story because of its elegant and wonderful themes.


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A Service of Love is a fascinating work written by O Henry. He’s quite famous because of his simple writing style with amazing endings. Further,  an element of love, humanity, and morality is also seen in Henry’s work. Some of O Henry’s best stories are:


What are the characters in service of love by O Henry? The story has the following characters:


He’s the main character along with Julia. He has a deep kind of interest in painting.


She was Joe’s wife and was learning music. The couple was living in a small house with full love.


He’s a famous painter portrayed by the author in the story. He was teaching this art to Joe.


He’s another character who is elaborated as a music teacher of Delia.


She was Delia’s student and daughter of a famous general with having rich history or lineage.

A Service of Love Summary

The story starts with a couple. Joe seems a man who was learning painting from Mr.Magister.He believed that he’d sell his painting in large amounts to some rich idiot one day. While Delia was learning music via piano from Mr.Rosenstock.The couple was living in a small house. They were paying some money to their respective teachers and this thing made them a bit poor. They were surrounded by poverty and started to join money-earning alternatives for paying their teachers.

Delia And Clementina

Delia told Joe that she’d earn 15 dollars via three classes. She said that she’ll teach music to Clementina, a rich student. Joe, on the other hand, said he’d sell paper and would earn around 2 or 3 dollars daily. He even left home early as he was looking for his clients who’d buy his work.

The story moves ahead. On Saturday, both were happy. Delia came up with three five-dollar notes and threw them on the table. Joe came with eighteen dollars. Both were happy and decided to have oysters for dinner.

The next weekend,  Joe came early with eighteen dollars. He cleaned his hands. Delia came but her hands were injured. She told Joe that the hot bowl fell as she was offering Clementina.

Twist in story

Joe asked her to tell him the reality. She told her with tears in her eyes that she was cleaning or washing clothes all the time and she didn’t have any students like Clementina. Joe also revealed the truth that he was working on an engine machine at the same site where Delia was washing clothes. They both laughed at each other’s struggle and that’s how it ended.

A Service of Love By O Henry Analysis

You’ll never stop loving this story. It’s one of my favorite stories by O Henry. The conversation between the couple about their interests was captivating and sensational. Further, you’ll appreciate the author because of his writing style and how he presented characters.

  • This story introduces a sense of responsibility as a couple.

Themes: A Service of Love

What are the themes in A Service of Love by O Henry? The story explores the mentioned themes:


The love between Joe and Delia was exceptional. They both struggled to stabilize their relationship as well as learning skills.


Although, the couple faced hardships they never stopped dreaming of their goals. They paid their teachers for their bad financial status.

White Lie

The story has a situational irony and readers can’t interpret about ending. The couple said white lies to each other but soon they revealed facts and that amazed readers.

Pros And Cons


  1. The story has an emotional influence on me.
  2. The ending of O Henry’s stories is the reason why he is my favorite.
  3. The characters are well-developed.


  • Its length is short. Those who love to read long stories may feel odd but i loved O Henry’s stories.

Conclusion: A Service of Love Summary

In a nutshell, the story explains the struggle of a couple, Joe and Delia. They were keen to learn skills. They face poverty but never give up. Overall, it was all about “a service of love summary”, a must-read story for kids.

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Who is the author of A Service of Love?

It’s a short story by William Sydney Porter or O Henry. The story is all about a couple and their struggle.

Who is Mr.Magister in a service of love by O Henry?

He’s joe painting teacher in the story.

Who is Clementina in A Service of Love By O Henry?

Delia told Joe that she got a new student Clementina, a rich girl and the daughter of a general. She said she’ll pay her handsome money.

What is the summary of A Service of Love By O Henry?

The story is all about a girl Delia and her husband Joe. They both were artists. They were learning from well-known teachers. They faced a problem in paying fees. They joined different labor jobs but never revealed to each other till the ironic end of the story.


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