A Flight Of Pigeons Summary-Hospitality in War

This story is set back in 1857 discussing the life of a young girl named “Ruth Labrador” and her family’s struggle in extreme war days. The story highlights the cooperation of Muslims and Hindus with Ruth’s family in the war era. Here is the detailed “A Flight of Pigeons Summary”.


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It’s a short novella or story by Indian author Ruskin Bond. He had written hundreds of amazing stories for readers. He elucidated a “war of independence” event in this novella that happened in 1857. Some of Ruskin Bond top stories are:

A Flight of Pigeons Summary

Start Of Story

The story starts in 1857 in India. A British family was living in Shahjahanpur. One day, some extremists or rebels killed all the British people of the city including the father of Ruth Labrador. She was then taken by Lala Ramjimal. He was their loyal servant. He offered Ruth and her mother “Mariam” his house.

Entry Of Javed

After some days, Javed Khan who was a brave man dragged this British family to his house. His family including Javed wife welcomed them with a sweetheart. Javed was found to fall in love with the beauty of Ruth. He wanted to marry Ruth Labrador.

Ruth Response

Javed demanded Ruth’s hand from her mother. Mariam had a Muslim heritage. She knew how to handle muslims. She told him that she’d permit him after discussing it with her brother.


She was Javed aunt who had visited their house. She had tried her best to discourage Javed from marrying Ruth as she was just 13 years 13-year-old girl. If you read, you’ll read this Labrador family wasn’t safe at Javed’s house because of his aims.

Mariam also set a precondition for Ruth’s marriage. She said if Muslims would take over the city, she’d let him marry her daughter. If the opposite happened, he have to forget her. Javed Khan happily agreed to the condition.

Qamran House

She was Javed Khan’s wife’s sister. They had welcomed the Labrador family nicely after departing Javed house.

Javed started losing his mental stability. He tried to terrorize his maid and also killed a pigeon.


The story ends with the arrival of winter. Ruth’s family came to know that the Britishers had gained control. They dominate India. Mariam redheaded her brother who lives in Bharatpur.

Ruth thought that Javed Khan left the country after the loss of war for Nepal. In reality, he lost his life as he was caught in a fight with the Britishers.

A Flight of Pigeons Analysis

You must know about the War of Independence (mostly Indians)called it. In this war, both Muslims and Hindus fought against the Britishers. They wanted to get rid of them as they were deprived of their rights. You can read more about this war(Click).

If we analyze the story, it highlights the hospitality of Muslims and Hindus amidst war. The nice treatment of Ruth Labrador’s family is a prime example of harmony and humanity. Further, you’ll get a point about how human ideologies have ruined the relationships between normal individuals.

Otherwise, it’s an elegant piece of work that explores women’s empowerment. The life of two women in war and their struggle empowers many women.

Themes: A Flight of Pigeons

A Flight of Pigeons explores the following themes:


The nice behavior of Ramjimal and Javed’s wife strengthened the depth of the story. They taught a lesson of humanity.

Ignore Hate

Alright, Muslims and Hindus had an ideology in 1857 but they didn’t let it dominate or rule over humanity and kindness.

War of Independence 1857

It was a major event that happened in the 19th century. Many people lost their lives. It’s the most prominent theme of this novella.

A Flight of Pigeons Moral Lessons

  • Show a warm gesture to the ones who need your help
  • Never let hate to rule on yourself
  • Spread kindness and love
  • Hospitality can earn you respect

Conclusion: A Flight Of Pigeons Summary

The story had a central point of humanity. Ruth Labrador had lost their father in war. She was welcomed happily by Muslim and Hindu families. They treated them as their family members. Overall, it’s another great work of Ruskin Bond.


Who is the narrator of A Flight of Pigeons by Ruskin Bond?

A British girl “Ruth Labrador” of 13yrs old narrates the story. It was all about her struggle for survival in the 1857 war that happened in the Indian subcontinent.

What are “a flight of pigeons characters”?

The story has plenty of characters but some that are important are:

  • Ruth Labrador
  • Mariam (Ruth Mother)
  • Javed Khan (Muslim who wanted to marry Ruth)
  • Ramjimal (Labrador family humble servant)
  • Kothiwali(Javed’s wife relative)

Is “a flight of pigeons”worth reading?

Yes, it’s a good one-story by Ruskin Bond. If you’re interested in historical events, it’s the best one for you.


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