Wonderful Story A Face in The Dark Summary & Analysis-Ruskin Bond

A Face in the Dark By Ruskin Bond-Horror Story

Do you like horror stories? If yes, then you’re at the right site. This blog will share the depth analysis and summary of a face in the dark. As you can get an idea with the title, surely it’s similar to that.


It’s a short story that elucidates the encounter of an anglo Indian school teacher with ghosts in a forest. This blog will provide a face-in-the-dark summary, analysis, and themes.

About Author

Who had written a face in the dark? It’s another horror short story by Ruskin Bond. He’s popular with kids because of his captivating stories. This story mostly fascinates those who have a craving for horror readings. Some of Ruskin’s works are:


Who are the characters in A Face in the Dark summary? The story had three main characters.


He’s the main character of the story who worked as a school teacher. If you read further about him, you’ll learn he’s a brave person.

The Boy

He’s the suspicious character in the story.


Oliver met him at the end of the story. This part of the story contains a twist.

A face in the dark Summary

The story starts with an Anglo-Indian teacher who teaches at a school in Shimla, a city in Himachal. Oliver seems a bold and brave man who doesn’t believe in ghosts. He thought that they didn’t exist. He had a habit of going to Shimla Bazar and then reaching back to school in the evening. To reach early, he went through the jungle. Many people fear that jungle but Oliver doesn’t.

Oliver in Jungle

One day, Oliver took a shorter path and went through the jungle. As he was moving, he saw a boy who had a school cap was crying. The boy’s face was covered with arms around it.

Oliver met the boy

Oliver asked him why he was crying but the boy didn’t stop sobbing. The next time, Oliver again asked him and the boy soon stopped crying. He lifted his head. Oliver had a light in his hand. He moved the light close to the boy’s face and went into shock. He saw the boy’s face was clear. It lacks ears, nose, and eyes. He had a plain face with a cap on it. Oliver runs away in fear.

Oliver and watchman 

Soon, he met a watchman in the jungle. He was relieved as he saw a human after a horrible experience. The man asked Oliver why he’s been so afraid. Oliver exposed the event he had encountered. He told him about the boy and his strange face. The watchman had a lantern in his hand. He moved the lantern close to his face and questioned Oliver “Does the boy have a face like this”?To be honest, this made me laugh when I read this line. It was a great twist in the story. Oliver was now badly afraid and ran away.

Analysis: A Face in the Dark By Ruskin Bond

The main lesson is never to underestimate things. Although, there exists a quarrel in the belief whether such things exist or not somehow they exist. If yes, then don’t underestimate them.

Further, one important catchy lesson is to try to follow a clear path. Oliver went through a dangerous jungle for the sake of reaching early but it can lead to death for him. There can be lessons for us that try to follow a safe path.

A Face in the Dark Themes

What is the theme of the poem A Face in the Dark? The main theme of the story is horror. As the name shows “a face in dark” is about a horrible face. Oliver didn’t believe such things but when he saw them, he went crazy and ran away. Horror is the major theme of this story by Ruskin Bond.

Further, the boy and the watchman were ghosts in reality. This can give a chill to readers.

Conclusion: A Face in The Dark Summary(Class 10 ICSE)

What is the conclusion of the poem A Face in the Dark? Overall, the story is a tale of school teacher “Oliver” who never believed ghosts existed but soon had an encounter with them. If you’re interested in horror stories or your kids want to learn, this can be a great recommended story for them.

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What kind of story is A Face in the Dark?

It’s a horror story by Ruskin Bond. The plot of the story consists of a school teacher and his horror meeting with ghosts in the Shimla jungle.

What is the irony in the face in the dark?

The great twist in the story is when the watchman brings a lantern close to his face. This is because the watchman was also a ghost.

Write down The face in the dark word meanings?

Some of the difficult words & their meanings are:

  • Stroll: Moving slowly, Lazy
  • Miscreant: Criminal or culprit
  • Ambiguity: obscurity

What is “A face in the dark”all about? What did  Oliver notice about the boy?

The story is a horror one that highlights a meeting of Oliver with a boy in the forest. The boy was crying but soon Oliver noticed that he had a strange face having flat face. The boy was a ghost.


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