7 Amazing Short Stories On Kindness For Readers With Moral Lessons

7 Amazing Short Stories On Kindness

Books always leave a mark on readers’ minds. Kindness is a human quality that is seen in everyday life. It’s all about the way of treating and dealing with people. If we treat others well, this would increase our bond and help in making society better.

  • In this article, I am going to provide a short overview of stories that encourage readers to help others and perform kind gestures.

The Gift Of Magi


Well, it’s a famous work in literature by O Henry. This story explores themes of love, kindness, and the worth of family.

Short Overview

The story revolves around a married couple. Jim and Della. They tried to please their partner on their birthday. They sacrificed their desires to make others happy.

The Happy Prince


Oscar Wilde authored this brief tale.  He was a famous Irish short story writer. This story involves themes of helping others, hypocrisy, and sadness.


The basic plot involves a statue of a dead prince who donated all his precious items to help the poor. The statue talked with a sparrow. They both vanished in saving the city from poverty.

The Necklace

It’s a story by Guy Da Maupassant. He was a prominent French author.


This story involves an event when a woman lends a diamond necklace from her neighbor for a party. She lost that necklace. The woman and her husband tried their best in recovery. They spend all their money to recover losses. The ending of the story comes with a twist that reveals the real fate of the necklace.

The Good Dead

Pearl S. Buck wrote this wonderful story. In this story, she delivered the power of the simple act of kindness that promotes a healthy society.


The plot explores common themes like kindness. The setting involves an American traveler who helps a Chinese family during his meeting. You will learn how simple acts promote positivity from this writing.

The Three Questions

Leo Tolstoy wrote this. The plot is about the encounter of a king who was searching for some answers.


The questions were about the most important thing, the important people, and the right thing. His questions were answered by an old man wisely.

  • Surely, you will love this story after finishing it.

The Man in The Brown Coat

It’s a famous short story from the 20th century. This was written by an American author named Sherwood Anderson. The common elements in his writing style are human relations and society.


A boy met a strange brown coat man in town. He sets his interpretations about that stranger. The young boy is amazed after hearing about the cruelties and hardships faced by that person.

This story gives a lesson that we should never make decisions based on appearances. It encourages readers to see everything in detail before passing comments.

The Last Leaf

It’s another literary masterpiece by Henry. This story was published back in 1907.


The setting of the story takes place in New York. The plot involves a girl who is counting her last days. She had a view of the tree with leaves. She sets her hope for survival from the tree. A painter played a role in saving her life. She regained her motivation.

This short story promotes the lessons of helping others. If you are looking for short stories on helping others, these mentioned ones are a million worth for readers.

Conclusion: Short Stories On Kindness

In this article, I provided information on short stories on kindness and helping others. Further, if you are looking for some great short summaries of stories, you can visit my website.


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